Back to School - Next Gen Style

Posted by Katie Del Angel on Thu, Aug 13, 2009

I was in Cincinnati this weekend where I grew up, and had a nostalgic reminder of “back to school” shopping. That time in August when our parents dragged us to the store to stock up on everything learning related – pencils, lunch boxes, Trapper Keepers, back packs and oh yes, the new outfit for first day of school. Then onto the big leagues in college with the linens, towels, refrigerators, computers.

A few decades later, here I am reading the same Enquirer newspaper that boasted the ball-point pen and came upon a full page ad for “ back to school applications “, by Apple of course. This produced simultaneous but quite opposite reactions – nostalgia for our past and admiration for how far we’ve come. Welcome to the next generation Back to School ad.

iStudiez Pro to organize all your classes. Forget the fancy calculator that you need for calculus equations – now you got the Graphing Calculator. Buy the Mental Case app and you’ve eliminated those flash cards that we always depended upon.

Yes, the next generation of back to school. And it’s only going to get cooler. I personally would love someone to bring back the Trapper Keeper – in digital form of course.