Walkin’ the Walk, with Chris Brogan

Posted by Jessica Winston on Fri, Sep 18, 2009
Earlier this week I had the good fortune of attending the Chris Brogan Book Signing Tweetup at Parris in Boston – and I met some of the most interesting people in town.

It wasn’t the biggest event we’ve ever held at MITX, I’ll admit, and it didn’t have anywhere near the flash and glam of the MITX Interactive Awards program we produce each November (you are going, right?) – but there was something very interesting and special about this event.

It was genuine. I mean really genuine.

No matter where I looked, people were focused intently on the conversation they were involved in – there were no tapping feet suggesting the person would rather be anywhere but where they were, there were no wandering eyes, looking for someone else they really had to meet, and there were no confrontational disagreements to be heard. Anywhere.

What there was – was a group of people who were interested in what you were saying; they let you speak, and then replied with insightful and sometimes passionate responses. This may not sound like something that rocks you on your heels, until you’re the person talking, and you realize for that moment – the person you’re speaking to is intently focused on what you’re saying and only that; you’re being heard.

And thus, my ‘ah-ha’ moment for the evening arrived.

Engagement. Being Genuine. Listening and responding in a helpful way, not just marketing your stuff… Being passionate about what you do. These are the traits of people and brands that succeed. But that you already knew.

The ah-hah was, these people are genuinely like that 24/7.

Whether speaking with Chris Brogan about his book, or talking with Justin Levy at New Marketing Labs upcoming Inbound Marketing Summit on 10/7 & 10/8 – you’ll discover they are focused exclusively on you. That’s both gratifying and a great way to build loyalty – which brings us back to the reason for the event in the first place, to talk about Trust Agents, what that means, and to connect and share insights about and around social media.

Bottom line: if you’re going to use social media to promote your business or your passion – take a lead from Chris and walk the walk, commit 100%, and have fun doing it. And if you slip on a banana peel along the way, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and own it. Tomorrow’s another day.