Boston, the Innovation Hub

Posted by Kiki Mills on Fri, Sep 18, 2009

Boston, as is all of New England, is steeped in history and innovation. We're a rugged group, not afraid to put our shoulder to the wheel and put in a bit of work - even when the end we seek doesn't yet exist.

With inventors like Boston native Mark Gardner who was considered a prolific inventor with over 500 patents to his name, and an extensive list of others responsible for developments in science, machinery, and more - our community is recognized, worldwide, as being innovative.

Even still, you may be surpised to learn of Boston's ranking in the NEXUS & HUB Innovation Cities for 2009 which assessed cities worldwide; it was released in July (drum roll please) - we're #1 Boston!

What's more, in January of this year, our own Governor Patrick challenged the region's IT/digital sector to come together and develop the means and the messaging to drive awareness of the state as a true technological and innovation hub. And thus was formed Innovate MassTech

Today, between 1 and 2pm, you're invited to join the conversation and provide your 2c on brand-building for this initative, via Twitter using hashtag #MAtechin or visit

Go on you creatives - get to work and help brand Massachusetts as the leader it truly is.