What's Next In: Personalization

Posted by Kiki Mills on Tue, Sep 29, 2009

Another answer to What's Next - this time in web site personalization from yesterday's event, â€oGet Relevant: The Next Generation in Web site Personalization,†at Microsoft's fabulous NERD center.

Participants included an all-star lineup: Creative guru Jeff Johnson of BigBad; landing page expert Scott Brinker, President & CTO, ion interactive; Andrew Hally, Product Strategy & Marketing head of one of MA's leading personalization technology companies, Unica; Joe Henriques, Regional Director, SiteCore USA, a website and CMS technology provider; and last but not least, Brett Zucker the head technologist at Bridgeline Software, one of the more active evangelists of the importance of personalization

The gist: It's all about ME!
I am the center of the universe

A new breed of technology is putting marketers in charge of creating more relevant experiences, experiences that drive higher engagement, sales, conversions and loyalty from their customers (US!). These new tools cut across content management, behavioral targeting, landing page optimization, search, social software and analytics technologies. Because of significant technology advancements over the past few years, the power of personalization is finally being put in the hands of marketers, not "web masters" or tech teams.

Check out #MITXMTif you want to see the whole conversation on Twitter, and in the mean time - here's our top tweets:
  • Personalization is not a quick, one time implementation. Take a phased approach to what content is working & what isn't.
  • There are a wide variety of tools to help you personalize content, from content management, to analytics, email marketing and landing page optimizers
  • There's a lot of "low hanging fruit" aka content readily available that can easily be used for personalization like search keywords
  • Deliver content based on the search term that drove your prospect to your site
  • You must test, but the level to which you test needs to make sense for your company's goals
  • Don't make an educated guess, let your viewers be part of the decision of what they want to see on your site
  • Use audience segmentation and be thoughtful and honest about what your audience is looking for

Lots more events to come - keep your eyes on our calendar at www.mitx.org

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So what about you? Want to share anything you know about web site personalization?