Tips for B2B Marketers Going Digital

Posted by Danielle Howe on Wed, Oct 28, 2009

On Tuesday October 27th, MITX brought together a panel of B2B experts to discuss what digital strategies are working and how to incorporate interactive strategies into the marketing mix.

Lead by moderator AJ Gerritsen, Founding Partner of 451 Marketing, our panel and audience covered a wide variety of topics including what exactly is the right mix of digital/traditional, outbound/inbound and lead generation/PR and social media. We also discussed the best tools to have in your interactive arsenal including: HootSuite, HubSpot*, LinkedIn, Google tools and various other monitoring and social media tools.







Here are a few key takeaways:


B2B Marketing is P2P (person to person). Stop thinking of it as marketing to an entity, and shift your thinking toward the idea of holding a 2-way conversation with someone you want to use your service or products.


When it comes to social media in particular, it’s important to listen to your clients and prospective clients feedback – both the good and the bad. Jay Symonds from Rovion, pointed out the negative feedback is one of the best opportunities for you to be innovative and truly change the way you approach your business and marketing.


Melissa Centrella, Director of Interactive Marketing at Virgin HealthMiles noted that one of the best things about interactive marketing is the ability to quickly test and try new things. So take the feedback you collect, combine it with your new ideas and test, test, test!

Document Your Findings.

How do you convince your boss to try these new strategies? Spend time educating them with facts and results. Perhaps start with the results of your tests. We all know it’s not easy to convince your execs and stakeholders to try something new, but facts from simple tests are better than theory and investing a significant amount of time for a failed campaign.

Define Your Strategy.

Most importantly, before starting any of the above, take the time to clearly define your strategy and goals BEFORE starting any new interactive strategy. By having a stated digital strategy and tying everything back to your goals, you can identify what tests to try, what social media channels to engage your customers through, and where to spend your valuable time.

Thanks to all who contributed, attended, and our fantastic panel:

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Edited by Jessica Winston
* MITX Business Partner