Running the Interactive Gauntlet

Posted by Kiki Mills on Wed, Oct 28, 2009

Well the count-down is on... With under 3 weeks left, we thought you might enjoy learning more about the finalists and their entries into this years MITX Interactive Awards competition.

Given we've so many great works to cover, I'm including them alphabetically by category, and each day I'll provide you some insight into at least two categories of entries. I hope this will give you a taste of what you'll see on 11/17/09 at the Awards! If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, there's still time - visit (and members, sign in to get your discount).

So, starting with the Applied Technology Category -- here they are. Let the games begin!


Applied Technology

Project: website
Agency/Creator: Rival

Description: how2heroes is a how-to online video destination that celebrates people's passion for food the flavors, the presentation, the secrets to success, the cultural inspirations, and the 'heroes' who share their knowledge and experience. Rival was engaged to design and build an engaging website that brought this exciting experience to life

Judges Comments: "Engaging content; liked the maps video; liked the concept - great site."



Applied Technology

Project: StyleFeeder Explorer
Agency/Creator: StyleFeeder

Description: StyleFeeder Explorer was created to solve one problem: How to make StyleFeeder, a personal shopping engine that specializes in making product recommendations based on each user's individual tastes, immediately useful for the increasing number of shoppers coming to the site through natural search.

Judges Comments: "Liked search engine functionality. solid user experience"



Applied Technology

Project: Redesign
Agency/Creator: Zipcar in partnership with ISITE Design

Description: This is a traditional paid search campaign that encompasses all 13 markets that Zipcar serves. This includes the 3 international markets of Vancouver, Toronto, and London in addition to the 10 domestic markets of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Portland, OR, Washington DC, and San Francisco.

Judges Comments: "Cool. Simple. Like zipcar app. Perfect execution for target audience...loved the site. perfect for target audience"


Best Brand Campaign

Project: Do You Have What it Takes?
Agency/Creator: Arnold Worldwide for American Legacy Foundation/truth

Description: Big Tobacco Disease is a subversive and grassroots effort launched by the truth® campaign in June 2009. The ultimate goal of the campaign was to spread awareness of the fact that 90% of lung cancer is attributable to tobacco products .

Judges Comments: "Great campaign. Good insights. Innovative...Loved how the creative was so grounded in research. Well crafted and executed...Nice use of multiple digital channels and use of target audience into the characters of the video.

Factoid: In less than two months, and without any additional media support their signature widget generated over 74,000 petition signatures within social media.


Best Brand Campaign

Project: Trend Micro Think Again Brand Campaign
Agency/Creator: PJA Advertising + Marketing for Trend Micro

Judges Comments: "...good ad and was successful at gaining attention (and onsite demos)."

Factoid: The campaign goal was 100 onsite assessments, (they) achieved almost 350 and exceeded the goal of 5,000 North American leads. More than 150 new enterprise contracts have already closed in a three month period.


Best Brand Campaign

Project: SolidWorks 2009 Brand Campaign
Agency/Creator: Small Army for SolidWorks

Description: Although sales are always important, the sales process for SolidWorks CAD software is much more complex than just selling online. The primary goal of this campaign was to raise awareness of SolidWorks among engineers and get them to engage with the brand. Success was measured by the amount of site visitors and time spent on the site.

Judges Comments: "Interesting strategy and good application, more experiential than a branding campaign...interesting strategy about using mantle photos to demonstrate progress."

Factoid: In less than 5 months, there were more than 100,000 visits to the site, averaging close to 7 minutes with each visit that's close to 12,000 hours that they had their brand in front of customers and prospects (not including anything else but the website).

Best Cross Media Campaign

Project: John Hancock Financial Services Cross Channel Campaign
Agency/Creator: AMP Agency/Hill Holliday for John Hancock Financial Services

Description: Increase awareness of John Hancock's breadth of products beyond insurance

Factoid: Online and offline media worked in tandem to drive significant post-click and view through traffic to (measured campaign visits = 127,000; over 69% of measured visits came through during periods when media was surrounding key sponsored events) -- Total campaign reach 19.4MM (online only)


More to follow! And remember, if you haven't bought your tickets to the 14th Annual Interactive Awards, there's still time! Visit today!