How to Create Things People Love: 3 Important Things

Posted by Justine Andrews on Tue, Nov 24, 2015

Join us on December first for our MITX Design Summit: Design, Technology, and the Consumer Experience. Speaker, Ed Boudrot, has written a blog that provides us with a sneak preview of what he'll be talking about on stage at this session "Creating Products that People Love." Register for the Design Summit here


Ed Boudrot (@edwardboudrot) is the VP of Product Strategy and Management at Optum, a health services and innovation company that combines data and analytics with technology and expertise to power modern healthcare. Bringing his background in technology startups, Boudrot specializes in the innovation of experiences, products, and solutions, and works to integrate human-centered design, market research, product management, development practices, and experience management. Ed Boudrot

How do you create that memorable, tangible, touchable and feel-able emotion-inducing thing? Will people fall in love with your thing?

•      "That was an awesome experience!"

•      Oh my goodness that was so fun!

•      That was an awesome process!

#1-Begin with Deep Empathy & Needs Understanding

We all understand the basic need states of survival, enjoyment, freedom, companionship, comfort, protection and approval. But what about the learned needs of being informed, curiosity, cleanliness, efficiency, convenience, dependability, style, economy and bargains?

Highly successful products like PlayStation, Lipitor and Scrub Daddy have hit on a combination of these needs to be leaders in their respective categories. While other products like Breakfast Mates, Google Glass, and the HP touchpad missed the mark. The reason people fall in love with your thing is you had connected with them on a deep need or pain likely on many of the levels mentioned above.

#2-Leverage both Art and Science

Process or science is incredibly important when it come to a repeatable measurable process. Processes like Product Lifecycle Management and Agile processes enable us to deliver.  You could say that human centered design is also a process. The art in this is selecting the right tools at the right time much like an artist or a maker is the master of their craft. A little ethnographic research here, a little experiment there, and a little market research here. The results can be stunning when put together by a true artist and yield love for your thing.

#3-Create the Team of Teams

In order to create things that people love you need to create a high performing team that has deep empathy and love for who they serve.  The leader of this team needs to be an artist that both protects and drives the creative process of art and science. They need to inspire learning and mindfulness in order to increase mindfulness. Enablement of the team depends on sustaining the creative culture, hiring and managing high performers, enabling open communication, being highly flexible and having a productive approach to experiments with unintended outcomes. High performing teams that have love for one another and the people whom they serve create things people love.

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