How to Make the Most Out of Attending FutureM

Posted by Justine Andrews on Tue, Sep 29, 2015





This article was originally published on Cantina's blog on September, 29 2015:

Cantina wants to help those of you attending Future M to get the most out of your time while at the event. If you’re not signed up already, we encourage you to take a look at the agenda and sign up here.

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Let the Countdown Begin!
A bunch of folks from Cantina are heading to Future M, a marketing and innovation event in Boston happening from October 6-8th. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to mingle with other marketers and executives from companies like Google, Intel and TripAdvisor – and many others. So in order to help our friends (and future friends!) who’ll also be attending, we offer the must hear, do and see while at the conference.

Don’t Miss the Opening Party
Make a point to stop by Cafeteria on Newbury Street from 6-8pm the evening before the start of Future M on Tuesday. This is your first opportunity to meet people and get to know who else you’ll bump into at the conference. Plus, the casual environment is perfect to network.

Choose Your Own Path offers a great way to bookmark the speaking sessions you’re most interested in and snyc them to your phone. By planning ahead, you can spend less time looking at the schedule and more time getting a good seat.

As a design and development agency, we are sponsoring the Strategic Design content track, and encourage designers and executives to join us. It’s starts at 11:45am on Tuesday, October 6. The track includes session about the Design of BusinessDesign Thinking as the Engine Behind Innovation (workshop) andBeyond Posters & Toasters: Design Thinking for Brands. Keep a look out for Alec Francesconi who will be kicking-off the session.

Lunch Train
Forego the box lunch, grab a fellow conference-goer and take an adventure outside! There are so many amazing places to grab a bite just a few steps from the conference. This is also a great opportunity to break the ice with someone new you just met. Experts say that most business deals happen over lunch so this could be your lucky day! Here are some Cantina-approved places we recommend:

Bring Your “A” Game

The best way to get the most out of Future M is to walk in with a goal in mind. If your goal is to network, make the best use of the time when no one is on stage. If your goal is to meet a specific speaker, try reaching out to them on social media asking for coffee after their talk. If your goal is to go home with tools to create better marketing efforts, have a game plan to make sure you don’t miss a session. 

Come Say, “Hi”
Come find us at our sponsoring booth, give us a high five and we’ll talk about the how we deliver on design for our clients. As mentioned, we’ll have a bunch of Cantina folks in blue shirts walking around the conference.