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Friday, February 1st, 2013
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

At the MITX What's Next e-Commerce Summit, marketing and e-commerce experts will share strategies for success in shaping the customer experience to maximize acquisition and conversion. Multi-channel and pure play e-commerce businesses will demonstrate how your business can thrive even when the customer journey is more complicated than ever.


Wayfair’s Formula for Success
Wayfair is in the business of giving their customers easy online access to “a zillion things home”.  But behind that ease of use are a zillion decisions about how customers will interact with their products. Niraj Shah and his senior team will discuss the key initiatives that are driving the next phase of Wayfair’s growth -- analytics, big data, creative advertising and brand building, as well as building a mobile experience from the ground up. These are the strategies that are powering their success and transforming the customer journey from start to finish.

Boston Fashion Gets Personal with Gemvara, Blank Label, CustomMade, Bow & Drape

Meet the minds behind some of Boston’s hottest start-ups that are bringing customizable fashion direct to their customers, online.  Find out how they help their customers along the path to purchase without having to set foot in a store or dressing room.

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Staples: Reinventing Itself Through an Omnichannel Experience

Staples, the world’s second largest internet retail company, has a history of innovation and introducing new business models. Now, the organization that introduced the office supply super-store concept and pioneered the office product delivery market is integrating its retail and online offering and increasing investment in online and mobile capabilities to provide business customers with a seamless multi-channel shopping experience. Members of Staples mobile, e-commerce, IT and analytics teams will talk about the opportunities and challenges that come with reinventing a company with 27 years of proven success in meeting the needs of small business customers.

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Measuring the Path to Purchase: Metrics that Matter

Search. Affiliate. Email. Pinterest. Facebook. Google AdWords. Twitter.

With so many inbound marketing channels, many companies think they know where to focus time and marketing dollars, but more often than not they’re double-counting leads and overpaying – big time – for new customers.

Today's customer acquisition programs are getting a second look as companies get smarter about attribution. By measuring traffic and revenue data by channel, companies can get a clear view as to which programs drive incremental sales and which might overlap.

In this session, we’ll hear from affiliate, social and email marketing experts - along with the online marketing head from one of the country's top sporting goods companies - to discuss which customer acquisition programs attract, and ultimately convert, new customers.

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Building The Next Wave of Great Mobile User Experiences

With smartphone penetration now above 50% by every measure, the need for a great mobile experience has shifted from an intellectual exercise to a mission critical necessity. The diversity of mobile devices, ecosystems, and operating systems has led to a range of approaches including native app development, mobile platform accelerators, and now Responsive Design with HTML 5. Understanding the technical, development, and operational benefits and risks of each is critical to delivering on your mobile brand promise while managing to real-world time, resource, and budget limits. Join our panel of experts to hear the latest points of view on this ever-changing space.

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The New Role of Social in the Path to Purchase

Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Amazon, Google. The consumer path to purchase continues to get more complex with each passing week. Social’s role has proven to be the most disruptive element of that path to purchase; but where there is disruption, there is also opportunity for nimble, innovative and data-savvy marketers. This session will focus on new insights from Compete that will provide marketers and their media and agency partners to understand the value of social and when it is most influential in a consumer’s online journey.

This session will include:

  1. An innovative new framework for understanding the “path to purchase”
  2. Explain social media’s role in this framework
  3. Specific examples of how brands, retailers and social platforms are altering consumers’ paths
  4. Practical insights and recommendation to apply in your own companies

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Tech As an Enabler for Amazing Experiences

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Primetime for Tablets: From Couch Consumers to In-Store Shoppers

Mobility has transformed retail, creating new opportunities and presenting new challenges for retailers.. Tablets in particular have emerged as the primary device for consumer interaction, driving increasing shares of mobile traffic and transactions despite relatively lower adoption. In this session we will explore the latest trends and research in retail mobility and delve into how tablets are being used for shopping today—from the couch at home to inside the store. We will provide examples from leading retailers in different segments and practical ideas to support retailers’ omnichannel strategies today, such as the rise of tablet shopping malls and catalogs for the couch consumer and store-associate mobile point of sale in the store.

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Improving the Quality of the OmniChannel Digital Experience

Retailers are racing to embrace the OmniChannel shopper.  And it’s no wonder with shoppers who engage across channels proving to be the most valuable, often spending 4 - 8 times as much as those who engage over just one.  Catering to the demands and expectations of the OmniChannel shopper is critical to ensuring your brand can capitalize on these incredibly valuable consumers.  Unfortunately the quality of the digital experiences delivered are too often inconsistent at best, or at worst, slow or entirely unavailable.  This session will delve into the expectations of the always connected consumer, examine different OmniChannel engagement methods including Responsive Web Design, and highlight the opportunities and challenges associated with engaging consumers across different channels.

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Fireside Chat: Vistaprint CMO

Vistaprint has been undergoing a transformation, moving from a highly transactional  business model to one that puts the customer as the center and where life-time value based marketing is the new benchmark. Don LeBlanc, the company’s CMO, will share where Vistaprint is in their journey and what they’ve learned along the way.

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Lessons from Leaders: Careers in Ecommerce

Learn from several heads of ecommerce about the sometimes winding path to the top job. What positions and companies helped them get where they are? What roles gave them the best tools for running today's fast changing digital businesses? What does it take to lead in the industry today? There are many paths to the top in ecommerce - find out how these industry executives found their way.

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Fireside Chat with Karmaloop

Enjoy an animated one-on-one conversation between Karmaloop's CEO Greg Selkoe and Globe columnist Scott Kirsner.

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Upstarts and startups: Boston Startups Transforming the eCommerce Ecosystem

An engaging panel discussion with founders & CEO’s of some of Boston’s disruptive e-commerce companies.

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