describe the imageThursday, May 2nd, 2013
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

We have quite the range of sessions lined up for this can’t miss summit, so there is something from everyone. Below you can find in-depth descriptions of each to help you best choose your breakout sessions as well as get an inside look into exactly what you will learn during the keynote, panel discussions, fireside chats, and case studies. 



Mobile First: Weather or Not

A 2013 AdAge Digital A-Lister, The Weather Channel and, are among the top mobile properties today. But that didn’t happen overnight. Cameron Clayton, President of the Digital Division for, will share their mobile journey and what the future holds during a candid conversation. He’ll share lessons learned as a practitioner of digital marketing, how to align the organization and right resources necessary to properly implement a mobile plan, and highlight some of the pitfalls along the way. He will answer questions about what every CMO should know about reducing friction, creating creative and content for mobile, and developing a game changing mobile strategy. Cameron is also Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association, and from that perspective he’ll provide his thoughts on the latest trends and big ideas in mobile, from ads and data to social and video.

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Demystifying Mobile Advertising: Identifying the Building Blocks to Create Real Value

Beyond the hype, the practical reality is that mobile advertising is closing the gap between its extraordinary potential and on-the-ground reality. But there is important work to do to ensure that publishers, advertisers, and consumers gain true and sustainable value from the mobile channel. This panel will work to demystify the issues facing mobile advertising and talk through the key building blocks that advance the industry and deliver the expected value.

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ESPN Mobile: A Slam Dunk with Fans


The growth of ESPN Mobile shows how fast the mobile landscape is gathering momentum. The sports broadcast network has more than 45 million monthly unique users, and 14.5 million of those use mobile content exclusively. According to Michael Bayle, Senior VP and GM of ESPN Mobile, 8 million people filled out their March Madness brackets this year, compared to 6 million last year, and 30% of those people used mobile to fill out the bracket, compared to 10% last year. During this session, Michael will reveal how this sports and entertainment leader is successfully driving engagement with fans through mobile by creating an internal structure to accommodate mobile marketing success. Also, hear what challenges they’ve overcome, and walk away with proven strategies to create your own mobile platform that translates into highly engaged audience interactions.


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Precision Targeting – Innovations and Strategies

We have mountains of data, but mobile is lagging in advertising dollars compared to TV and PCs. Yet research shows that cross-screen advertising can greatly improve the effectiveness of advertising and the uniquely personal nature of mobile profiles suggests immense potential for reaching relevant, interested consumers. This panel will discuss questions such as:

  • Who has rights and access to the wealth of data?
  • How do we translate and adapt existing targeting strategies to mobile?
  • How can technology improve our use and analysis of that data to better reach relevant consumers and serve them better?
  • What would we like to do with the data but can’t, or shouldn’t?
  • What could we be doing in the future as we become more adept at handling this data?

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Building The Next Wave of Great Mobile User Experiences

With smartphone penetration now above 50% by every measure, the need for a great mobile experience has shifted from an intellectual exercise to a mission critical necessity. The diversity of mobile devices, ecosystems, and operating systems has led to a range of approaches including native app development, mobile platform accelerators, and now Responsive Design with HTML 5. Understanding the technical, development, and operational benefits and risks of each is critical to delivering on your mobile brand promise while managing to real-world time, resource, and budget limits. Join our panel of experts to hear the latest points of view on this ever-changing space.

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Winning The Battle For Mobile Shelf Space

As more consumers migrate their online activities to mobile devices, the challenge for brands is to not just be mobile, but own more “mobile shelf space” than their competitors.  While the knee-jerk reaction is to focus solely on app development, apps are just one part of a solid mobile marketing strategy.  In this break-out, join ExactTarget’s Vice President of Mobile Products, R.J. Talyor, as he shares how brands should align their efforts to command more mobile consumer mindshare.

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Why Tablets Will Outpace Smartphones:  Trends And Tips To Optimize Every Customer Interaction

Consumers use tablets from different locations than their smartphones and in different frames of mind.  They are more likely to be on retail and e-commerce sites and view more pages while they’re there.   A mobile strategy that lumps smartphones and tablets together will inevitably fall short.  Learn how to create a savvy tablet content marketing strategy that capitalizes on known tablet behaviors, excites your customers, and sets you apart from competitors. And hear how PartyLite specifically got ahead of the curve by extending a core catalog shopping experience to the tablet.  

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 Measuring Mobile: Challenges and Solutions in an Evolving Media Landscape

As digital marketers, we are seeing a seismic change in the behaviors of our audiences. As more consumers migrate their desktop activities to mobile devices, we are looking for reliable, consistent metrics and measurement toolsets – only to be frustrated. In a “fireside chat”, Sarah Amitay of Havas Media’s mobile agency, Mobext will take a deeper dive on this hot topic with Jennifer Lum of Adelphic,  discussing the current state of mobile measurement and what’s ahead.

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Mobile Engagement Crush: Strategies to Stand Out

The average smartphone user has 65 apps on their phone but only 15 of those apps are actively in use.  We'll be discussing mobile strategies to help your brand stand-out in a sea of apps.  We'll be exploring topics like social, notifications, and gamification to ensure success for your mobile strategy.

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The Biggest Farce in Mobile Advertising: and where Facebook fits in

Two driving forces of change are at the forefront of discussions in mobile ad circles: Facebook and lifetime value. The ever-popular social media platform has made huge waves in the mobile advertising and marketing space in an incredibly short period of time based on the following stats:

- A 680 million person mobile audience spending on average 15 minutes a day
- Unprecedented targeting data based on who a person is (demographics, psychographics and behaviors)
- Engaging native social ad types designed to drive everything from awareness to direct response

Couple this opportunity with the shift from bidding on a CPA basis to a lifetime ROI basis, and advertisers for the first time have the ability to spend their ad dollars to find high quality, lifelong customers on mobile. Advertisers will walk away from this session with practical takeaways to make the most of these two driving forces of change in mobile advertising.

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What Happens after the First Click? How to Apply Click Insights to Improve Campaign Performance

Offering a look at where the industry has come since our original obsession with the click-through rate -- the panelists discuss all things "click" with an updated take on how best to use click data and insights. Topics include the shortcomings of first-click reliance, and a glance at an array of new options for optimizing beyond first click. Join a mini workshop discussion between brand, agency and data solution providers on click optimization -- with tips relevant to marketers in any segment: QSR, Food & Beverage, Retail, Auto or any other.

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Mobile Privacy: If You Collect It, Protect It

A privacy primer for your mobile marketing/advertising strategy.  Topics covered include: mobile privacy, small screen advertising disclosures and platform requirements for mobile apps.

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Mobile Engagement Strategy: The Experience Trumps the Device

Responsively designed sites are not just something everyone talks about, but have become an expected standard for all corporate sites. Enterprise-level organizations are moving beyond foundational projects that translate existing web assets into working mobile apps or web apps. Now, transformational projects create new ways of interacting with customers in specific environments through the capabilities of their mobile devices, including sensors, cameras, GPS and the many inputs available on smartphones and tablets. It is a strategic challenge though to ensure that an organization's processes, technologies and content, including video, have been redesigned to take advantage of these new models.

In this session, learn about:

  • How the enterprise mobile strategy is evolving
  • Foundational initiatives to make existing services mobile
  • Transformative mobile initiatives to discover new ways of engaging customers
  • Understanding device, environmental and user contexts
  • Redesigning processes, technologies and content for mobile engagement

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The Future of Location Based Marketing

For what seems like a long time, marketers have been talking about location as the Holy Grail of advertising. The ability to precisely target specific consumers at specific locations, all in real time, will be the most groundbreaking, transformative innovation advertising has ever seen. Imagine being able to send a consumer an ad at the precise moment they’re walking past your store or sending an incentive to return when they leave. It’s targeting on a level we could scarce imagine a few years ago. The problem is we aren’t there yet with location, and we probably won’t be for some time. Over the next couple years, location will not be used to target users at specific times and locations, it will be used to target users based on their specific habits. The AMC Theater you drive by on the way to work every day will send you free passes to a movie when you get home from work. These types of location based ads and offers resonate with users because they fit so seamlessly into their daily habits. Location is already changing the game, but marketers need to make sure they’re preparing for the right opponent. Join the panelists as they tackle the true state of location on mobile and prepare retail marketers to effectively embrace location-data today.


  • What existing location-based technologies for marketing and advertising will be boons and which will be busts
  • How to use location to predict habits and see patterns in user activity
  • What does the future of location-based marketing and advertising look like
  • What is working well for retail brands trying to leverage location data

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How Dunkin Runs on Mobile

During this intimate fireside chat with Dunkin’ Donuts Director of Digital Strategy, Dave Tryder, find out how DD is excelling with their mobile strategy to successfully engage customers. Gain insight into their current approach of thinking “mobile first” in order to reach customers across every point in the buying cycle to improve the overall experience (including:  a store locator, menu, easy payments, DD Card gifting, etc.) differentiating themselves from the competition. Dave will also reveal the metrics used to gauge what’s worked best, how they got to where they are today, and what their hopes are for the future.

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Big Ideas/Hot Topics

As part of the Big Ideas/Hot Topics panel, Fiksu will discuss the following. Brand marketers are rapidly realizing that mobile apps provide an incredible canvas because the connection they build is fundamentally different than other channels. Mobile delivers richness and reach—plus targeting and pervasiveness—at a significantly lower cost. Yet many brands have not proportionally shifted their investment to mobile as they struggle with measuring how mobile stacks up against traditional channels. Fiksu will discuss a new branding metric that takes into account the persistent engagement only possible with mobile apps and how factoring in this ongoing activity gives brands a way to rethink mobile's cost per engagement.

In addition, Skyhook will discuss the following. The first location technologies, GPS and cell tower triangulation often left frustrated mobile consumers with slow and inaccurate positioning information. From traditional navigation apps to cutting edge augmented reality browsers, today's mobile applications require location that works reliably and quickly everywhere consumers travel. Skyhook will reveal how to creatively use Location and Location Intelligence to move beyond simple geofence-based campaigns. Find out how to continually connect and inform customers through fast and precise location results, to provide accurate information from rural to urban areas, indoors and outside. 

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