HubSpotBanner2Thursday, January 30, 2014
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Today’s consumers are uber-informed and hyper-connected. The empowered smartphone and tablet wielding shopper employs practices like “showrooming” and takes advantage of an abundance of online resources to make faster, smarter, more informed decisions. At the same time, their digital footprint offers the businesses with which they’re interacting greater insight into their profile and preferences. Agile and innovative companies are leveraging that influx of data to provide the most personalized and frictionless buying experiences possible.  At the 2014 MITX e-Commerce Summit leading industry experts will be exploring the technology and innovative approaches companies are adopting to influence how the customer journey unfolds.



Myths & Truths to Watch in 2014

In this keynote, Forrester Analyst Sucharita Mulpuru will share research findings on the state of mobile payments and social commerce as well as provide insight into the “Amazon effect.” In addition, she’ll present Forrester’s eCommerce, cross-channel and m-commerce forecasts.

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Connected Commerce at Staples: redefining customer convenience

Staples, the second largest internet retailer, has long been a leader in e-commerce. With the retail world at a cross-roads the 28 year old company is reinventing itself with an even stronger focus on online sales and redefining the customer experience to deliver more of small business want and are looking for. Staples Executive Vice President of Global E-Commerce Faisal Masud will talk about the evolution of Staples’ digital assets and how now, with the customer more in control than ever, and e-tailers can use all of their channels to create one seamless journey to conversion.

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Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat with Rue La La CEO Steve Davis

In this chat, Rue La La President Steve Davis will share his thoughts on subjects like what’s exciting and innovative in the ecommerce industry right now, how Rue La La is keeping innovation top of mind, and what’s next for his company and online retailing in general.

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Cross-Channel Marketing

Most digital channels currently exist in a silo. This panel will delve into the significant opportunity for marketers to orchestrate marketing campaigns as part of a holistic customer journey, resulting in improved customer experiences across channels and accelerated sales. This panel will discuss how marketers can take integrate their various siloes and adopt multi-channel, orchestrated marketing experiences.

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The New Rules for Customer Acquisition

With ever increasing audience fragmentation, not just within a specific media channel but also across an expanding set of channels (e.g., TV, search, social, mobile, etc.) marketers must grapple with an expanding set of channel economic models and craft specific strategies for each to effectively reach customers. This session will explore the various channels through which customers are being acquired and all that’s entailed in the back-end strategy behind these efforts (What value is assigned to customers from a given channel, how the onboarding process is handled differently, etc.).

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Content Marketing

In this session, we’ll hear from e-commerce marketers that are producing original content in the form of blog posts, videos and more to drive traffic to their sites and tell the stories of the products they’re marketing. Panelists will share new and interesting ways in which they’re using content marketing to educate and entertain consumers in their journey through the buying process.

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Mobile UX/Commerce

With the use of mobile growing for all phases of the buying process, it’s become critically important for businesses to deliver a quality user experience and frictionless purchase process across all devices. This panel will discuss the role of mobile design and user experience in the context of commerce.

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The Rise of Mobile

Mobile penetration and usage continues to rise rapidly and has had a transformative effective on the retail industry, presenting new challenges and opportunities for retailers and e-commerce companies alike. Practices like “showrooming” are becoming commonplace and companies are scrambling to find ways to capitalize on these new mobile-driven customer behaviors. In this session, we’ll hear the impact mobile is having on the e-commerce industry and what companies are doing in response.

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Monetizing Social Media

More and more consumers are turning to social media as a discovery tool in the early stages of the buying cycle and a customer service vehicle post-purchase. Savvy and innovative marketers are filling the gap and leveraging social media to drive commerce. In this session, we’ll hear from marketers who have proven results that demonstrate the ROI of their company’s social media efforts.

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What’s Your Problem?

This panel will examine how startups and early–stage companies are delivering innovative solutions to challenges in the e-commerce space.

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Data-Driven Personalization

Analytics is playing an increasing role in marketing as companies now have access to an unprecedented amount of data about their prospects and customers. By analyzing the treasure trove of data available to them, marketers enables them to provide consumers with personalized content and experiences. This panel will discuss the ways in which businesses are tracking individuals through the customer journey and leveraging data to strategically serve up content tailored to them in an effort to influence the buying process.

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Seamless Customer Experience - the Key to Brand Differentiation

Today’s seamless retail operations will require a new approach to selecting, deploying and integrating platforms across the enterprise. Successfully achieving enduring customer relevance will come from a customer-focused digital transformation that prioritizes a superior experience and aligns internal organization, processes and technology to enable it. Using a single view of customers, products, and orders across channels and geographies, systems would work together as one, unified platform. Accenture will host a dynamic, interactive discussion to explore this important topic.

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Increasing Sales and Driving Brand Awareness with YouTube

This interview-style session will delve into how Karmaloop has been able to leverage YouTube to increase brand awareness and drive sales by creating cutting-edge lifestyle videos.

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