The Science of Marketing: Using Data & Analytics for Winning


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We have quite the range of sessions lined up for this can't miss summit, so there is something for everyone. Below you can find in-depth descriptions of each to help you best choose your breakout sessions as well as get an inside look into exactly what you will learn during the keynote, panel discussions, fireside chats, and case studies. 

Leveraging Data and Analytics for Your Marketing Strategy
You may remember the days before the Web, social media, mobile, and Big Data. Instinct was a prized business characteristic and it, rather than data, drove many corporate marketing decisions.Companies now say that they are "data-driven" and only make quantitative marketing decisions. But these same companies are also overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data at their disposal and how to best analyze it to shape critical marketing questions. The issue today is not the lack of data, but rather how to prioritize, access, and use data in real time so it has the greatest impact on your business.
During this opening keynote, two top analytic leaders from major brands, Constant Contact and, will share best practices and proven strategies for incorporating analytics into your marketing strategy. Join Jesse Harriott, Chief Analytics Officer at Constant Contact, and Dave Krupinski, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at, as they discuss strategies to leverage data and analytics tools to inform marketing decisions and realize substantial ROI.



Analytically-Aligned Decision Making in the Multi-Agency Context

As channels fragment, the number of different agencies involved in executing campaigns and programs across those channels increases. Data-driven decision-making in this context is hard enough analytically. Yet, it can be even more challenging when the data lives across multiple partner organizations as well as internal functions, and when multiple business relationships and ways of approaching marketing must also be reconciled. This panel featuring senior executives from Visual IQ, Google, iKnowtion, and T Rowe Price, moderated by Cesar Brea of Force Five Partners, will examine the experiences of advertisers, agency partners, media firms, and analytic advisors in orchestrating such collaborations to improve decisions and outcomes.


Baking the Best Customer Relationships

Shawn Utke, Panera's VP of Brand Research and Insights, will share his top 10 guidelines for using data and analytics to drive success with customers. From practical tips learned in the trenches to experiences with innovative tools and experiments, he'll show top brand practitioners how to tap into the power of the data they have and the data they need. With over 15 years' experience in CPG and retail marketing, Shawn's perspective provides a great overview and some watch outs for brand executives excited to use modern tools for better targeting, refined messaging and business improvements that can change the game. 


Data & Analytics: Fueling a New Approach to Customer-Centric Marketing

It's time to say goodbye to old-school thinking. We're at the dawn of a marketing revolution fueled by programmatic decisions. Driven by complex data insights, today's marketer is able to make smart, strategic decisions to reach the most receptive, appropriate audience on a one-to-one basis – in real-time.

The market shift is driven by the combination of the new technological advances with data analytics that turn advertising into real-time, always-on market research. This new approach, Programmatic Marketing, automatically produce consumer insights that drive media buying and enable marketers to deliver the personalized experiences customers expect.

Join DataXu's Mike Baker and Sandro Catanzaro for a look at how leading brands are successfully navigating the new digital landscape, including how Ford Motor Company partnered with DataXu to realize impressive results.

Learn more about maximizing media ROI in this complimentary Forrester report.


Powering Data-Driven Digital Advertising

While data and media advancements have enabled advertisers to identify and reach the best consumers, that's only half the battle. Once found, advertisers want to engage consumers with relevant creative, messages and offers that inspire action. In this session led by PointRoll, with Digitas and Jack Morton, learn how marketers are using data-driven intelligence to successfully deliver audience-aware and creative campaigns that connect with consumers and how you can apply their insights.


Holistic Analytics: Analysis Outside the Silo

With data now playing a ubiquitous and vital role in both brand positioning and bottom line success, there is no shortage of numbers to compute. Ironically, the challenge is not getting data, it's understanding data. The right data, at the right time. And, most importantly, viewing data respectful of ALL data sources, not just those available in your business unit.

This session will dive into the Mullen bundled approach to analytics and proof points of this philosophy's success.


Is There Gold in Social Media Data?

With the proliferation of social channels and your customers publicly sharing all kinds of information via their social networks, how do you collect and transform this huge amount of data into something that's meaningful to the business? These fast moving audiences and fast moving conversations present huge opportunities for marketers. During this panel discussion, moderated by Perry Hewitt (Chief Digital Officer at Harvard), social media data experts from TrueLens, Crimson Hexagon, and SocialFlow will explain how to turn social channels into predictable, scalable and efficient forces for creating business value. Through case examples showcasing new approaches and analytics technologies, you'll learn about mining social media data and ways to use it for impact on business results.


New Approaches to Targeting: Using Tech to Find Your Best Customers

According to IBM, we produce approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, sourced from every place; from mobile usage, to social networking, to POS systems, to e-commerce transactions, etc. This level of highly diverse, highly accelerated data has fueled demand among marketers to tap into these new pools of data (online and 'offline') to measure and target consumer proxies that were previously unidentifiable, ex-political views, social values, brand preferences, product life cycles, musical tastes, consumer sentiment, social graphs, etc.  However, as with many things in ad tech, this new data driven marketplace has quickly become confusing.

In this session, featuring leading experts in the world of data-driven audience targeting from OwnerIQ, Havas, and Media6Degrees, will help marketers sift through the rhetoric and better understand targeting in the digital data age separating fact from fiction and providing helpful guidance.


Predictive Analytics for Marketers

How did a major sports and entertainment website boost subscription revenue by 45% without increasing its marketing spend? How did one of the web's most popular financial services sites drive $10Ms of new revenue with simple changes to its user experience? How did a major enterprise software vendor add 200M EUs of revenue without adding sales staff? With predictive analytics for marketing of course. During this session, Gerry Murray (Research Manager, CMO Advisory at IDC) will reveal how to start and grow an analytics team; how to identify the best applications for measurable impact; how to assess and manage issues on the critical path for successful analytics; and how to nurture cultural acceptance of the analytical approach to marketing and sales.


The Impending Transformation of Market Research 

For over 75 years survey research has been relatively static; ask a random sample from a representative group of users or a focus group what they would do and report the result. In this session, David Rothschild (Economist, MSR - NYC) will demonstrate how survey research can be more efficient for creating both a snapshot of the present and forecasts of the future, with new questions and accompanying methodology that can utilize more cost effective non-representative samples. The resulting snapshots and forecasts are not only more accurate than standard methods, but more timely and granular, relevant for the stakeholders, and more cost effective. Combined with a nascent growth in our ability to harness social media other new data sources, David will help explain the transformation of market research that will happen next few years.


The Secret Sauce to Manageable Personalization: Small Steps, Big Impacts

We all know we should be creating personalized experiences, but knowing is very different than pulling the trigger and understanding how to actually do it. What data is most important? Which actions are best to personalize? Which behaviors do you measure? In this session, Agency Oasis will offer a presentation of what to consider when planning for personalization from a behavioral analysis perspective, and will describe how to use data for personalized experiences when faced with limited resources.  After the presentation, the attendees will be invited to participate in an interactive planning session for a 'Client' where we can see how deeply personalization can contribute to conversion, brand advocacy and heightened User Experience.

Personalization and Big Data: How to Get Started

Everyone is talking about it. Many say they know what it is and how to do it.  At Staples, their very first question was simply...where to begin? A group of folks from marketing, e-commerce, analytics and IT got together to both figure out how to start practicing and how to think strategically about leveraging the vast and overwhelming amounts of data they either have or could have (if they tried).

During this session, leading executives from Staples and RetailNet Group explain the many approaches and applications to Big Data in relation to customer marketing, and how different companies conquer this space in different ways. The most important thing to keep in mind though, is that regardless of the starting point, the ultimate end goal must be kept in mind as it dramatically influences the milestones to be hit in the process.

How the Data Revolution is Turning the Marketing World Upside Down

Ever wished the data revolution never came and threw your world into chaos?  Know that you can't turn back but don't know where to start or how to get there fast?  Excited to finally have a seat at the table but anxious about how to deliver against rising expectations?

This session presented by Experian QAS, a part of Experian Marketing Services, and Forrester will explore the sentiments of marketers as we change our day-to-day and look for new avenues to propel business growth. From B2B to B2C, relevance is more important than ever – but how can we leverage data to make our brands stand out amongst all the others? Join to hear case studies and practical advice to guide you in a world where data is there not only for you but also for your customers and your competitors – to analyze and to consume.