What's In Store for In-Store Selling?

Posted by Taylor Haney on Mon, Nov 24, 2014

Before we all head out to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends we have one more eCommerce blog post to share with you this month. Joe Shartzer, Co-Founder of Nyopoly and Engaged Pricing gives some insight into how this is the perfect time for in-store innovation as eCommerce continues to grow.

Joe Shartzer is a cofounder of Nyopoly and Engaged Pricing. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire and spends too much time of Spotify playlists. You can follow him on Twitter (and mostly everywhere) at @joeshartzer.

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Holiday Retail eCommerce Prediction Round Up

Posted by Taylor Haney on Thu, Nov 20, 2014

We are close to wrapping up our eCommerce theme this month, but first there are a few more posts we have to share with you! In this post Kate Putnam, Development Manager at Blueport Commerce makes a few predictions about eCommerce during this upcoming holiday season.

As a Business Development Manager for Blueport Commerce, Kate manages several areas for corporate growth, including sales, corporate communications and partnerships. In all of her efforts, she endeavors to strengthen the company’s success as the omnichannel solution for the $78 billion furniture industry. These days, you can find Kate busy planning a marketing and sales strategy for 2015 while writing blog posts and spreading the Blueport story to prospective investors, clients and recruits. She often shares chair space with her Vizsla, Ramsay, who is a regular visitor to the dog-friendly Blueport office. Kate is on the board and heads up the marketing of the local Boston non-profit organization, Spero, Inc.

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The “Lego” Model of Ecommerce: How to Save Trillions in Lost Opportunity

Posted by Taylor Haney on Wed, Nov 19, 2014

Another great eCommerce blog by Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap. Ralph provides insight into how niche eCommerce developers can help save the lost opportunity currently happening in cross-border commerce. Interested in guest blogging? Next month's theme is Mobile! E-mail taylor[at]mitx[dot]org if you are interested.

Ralph Dangelmaier is CEO of BlueSnap, where he is leading the charge to establish BlueSnap as the payments leader in e-commerce. A payment processing veteran, Ralph brings a wealth of experience creating products for retailers, processors and financial institutions and has a proven track record of growing companies both organically and through M&A activity. Under his stewardship, companies have successfully capitalized on the rapid growth in commerce to increase their revenue and stock value. Ralph has more than 25 years of experience in strategy, marketing, sales, and revenue, product, SaaS, development and delivery services for global customer base. Most recently, Ralph served as the President of Global Markets and Services for ACI Worldwide, a global provider of electronic payment software and solutions.

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Small eCommerce, Big Data

Posted by Taylor Haney on Fri, Nov 14, 2014

Continuing on with our eCommerce theme this month we have a post by Anna Carver, Director of Account Management at Ve Interactive. Anna discusses the relevance of data to all different types of eCommerce businesses. 

Anna Carver is the Director of Account Management at Ve Interactive, a multi-award winning global technology company, driving online performance to maximize conversions. Anna is responsible for leading the North American Account Management team in building strong client relations, improving client’s online optimizations with detailed reporting and presenting digital marketing expertise.  Prior to Ve Interactive, Anna held various operations roles for eCommerce retail businesses. Anna is a graduate of Boston University, but Iowa born. She is an active runner and a true foodie.  Follow Ve Interactive @VeUnitedStates; follow Anna on Linkedin; follow Anna on Twitter @tinyendorphins

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Storify Recap from #MITXData 2014

Posted by Taylor Haney on Fri, Nov 14, 2014

Didn't get to attend this year's data & analytics summit or just looking to review some of the key take-aways? You're in luck! We pulled together some of the best tips and learning from each session for you.

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Your Customers Don’t Know Where They Live

Posted by Taylor Haney on Wed, Nov 12, 2014

We have a great eCommerce guest blog by Stephanie Zatyko, Content Marketing Specialist at Experian Data Quality. Stephanie gives great insights into improving eCommerce check out processes. 

Stephanie Zatyko is a Content Marketing Specialist with Experian Data Quality and a self-proclaimed bar trivia extraordinaire. Find her on Twitter @StephZatyko.

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Who Cares About Data? A Leader's Guide to Unlock Big Data's Impact Across the Organization

Posted by Taylor Haney on Tue, Nov 4, 2014

The 2014 MITX Data & Analytics Summit is just 9 DAYS away! This week, leading up to the full-day event, we have some guest blogs written by members of our summit advisory board. Read this post by Dr. Jesse Harriott, Chief Analytics Officer at Constant Contact to get a sneak peak at some of the insights you will get at #MITXData on the 13th. Then make sure you reserve your spot and we will see you there next week!

Dr. Jesse Harriott is currently Chief Analytics Officer at Constant Contact. Prior to Constant Contact, Jesse was Chief Knowledge Officer at Monster Worldwide where he started their analytics division and created the Monster Employment Index in more than 30 countries. He also led Web analytics, business intelligence, competitive intelligence, data governance, marketing research, and sales analytics depts. for Monster. He has advised many private and public organizations, including the White House, the Department of Labor, the European Commission, and the Federal Reserve. He has authored several publications, including the books Win With Advanced Business Analytics (Wiley) and Finding Keepers (McGraw-Hill).

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How Many Golf Balls Can You Fit in a 747?

Posted by Taylor Haney on Mon, Nov 3, 2014

The 2014 MITX Data & Analytics Summit is just 10 DAYS away! This week, leading up to the full-day event, we have some guest blogs written by members of our summit advisory board. Read this post by Amit Phansalkar, Chief Data Officer at MassMutual to get a sneak peak at some of the insights you will get at #MITXData on the 13th. Then make sure you reserve your spot and we will see you there next week!

Amit Phansalkar, Chief Data Officer, leads data science, data strategy and vision for MassMutual Financial. He heads the data venture for MassMutual to create a data ecosystem to help drive innovation in products and consumer engagement models. Mr. Phansalkar has more than 15 years of experience driving innovation and building products using big data and most recently served as the global head of data sciences and advanced analytics at Millward Brown Digital. Prior to that, he was a co-founder and VP analytics at Cognika, where he created predictive analytics products utilizing a combination of structured and unstructured data with applications in defense, ad-tech and healthcare industries. Amit is a data evangelist trying to solve complex challenges and representing complexity using disparate data sources.

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