Keeping Big Data Out of the Uncanny Valley

Posted by Taylor Haney on Mon, Apr 29, 2013

We wrap up our April guest blog series on Big Data with a great post from John Stauffer, CTO of True Fit. John discusses the great point of how to properly use big data to target customers but not spook them with the data collected about them. As a reminder, our next guest blog series starts in May and the topic is Mobile, if you are interested in contributing please e-mail me at taylor [at] MITX [dot] org.

John is a pragmatic software development leader with a 20+ year track record of developing successful product and architecture strategies and leading teams to execute on them. Prior to True Fit, John was Chief Architect at 170 Systems where he led the transformation of the company’s existing product architecture to a modern, scalable, and maintainable java-based architecture, leading to an acquisition by Kofax. Prior to 170 Systems, John was Chief Architect for Oracle’s Retail Business Unit after its acquisition of ProfitLogic. As Chief Architect for ProfitLogic, John was responsible for the creation of products for Retail Markdown, Pre-season Planning, Allocation and Promotion Forecasting and Optimization that are used by the world’s largest retailers.

The catalog sitting on my counter was the single creepiest piece of mail I had ever received. It was full of dog-oriented chotskies aimed at overzealous dog owners. 

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Why You Should Share Your Big Data

Posted by Taylor Haney on Fri, Apr 26, 2013

As April is coming to an end we are starting to wrap up our Big Data theme, but we still have a little more awesome content to share. Beth Logan PhD, Director of Optimization at DataXu writes a great post about the benefits of sharing big data and how it has been beneficial in other industries. As a reminder, our next guest blog series starts in May and the topic is Mobile, if you are interested in contributing please e-mail me at taylor [at] MITX [dot] org.

Beth Logan holds a PhD in Speech Recognition from the University of Cambridge, UK.  She has worked in many fields including speech, music indexing, computational biology, medical informatics and activity monitoring, and has over 30 publications and 11 issued patents.  Since joining DataXu ( in 2009 she has turned her talents to online advertising, relishing the vast amounts of data available and the many interesting problems to be solved.

I started working in "Big Data" before it had a name.  My roots are in speech recognition where at the time - and likely still - it was hard to publish at a respectable conference unless you could demonstrate a significant improvement on a large dataset. “Large” meant 100s of hours of speech, which took many hours to process on a cluster.  Fortunately, the community was quite mature and many such large datasets were readily available with excellent labels and tools to get started (e.g. see

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Can Big Data Help Create Long Lasting Consumer-Brand Relationships?

Posted by Taylor Haney on Wed, Apr 24, 2013

Continuing on with our April Big Data guest blogging series we have a great post from Chris Sheehan, COO of TrueLens. Chris gives great insight into how companies can take advantage of Big Data to create meaningful customer experiences and improve consumer-brand relationships. As a reminder, our next guest blog series starts in May and the topic is Mobile, if you are interested in contributing please e-mail me at taylor [at] MITX [dot] org.

Chris Sheehan is the COO of TrueLens, a customer intelligence company that sources deep insights from social data.  Prior to joining TrueLens, he was venture capitalist at CommonAngels Funds actively investing in marketing and advertising companies including OwnerIQ, Offerpop, Yieldbot, Linkable Networks, Promoboxx, and Xconomy.

Last week I signed up for a flash sale website. The registration process was effortless. I entered my email address and was instantly browsing sales on the site. After ten minutes, I decided not to purchase anything and left. Since signing up, I’ve received a daily email with a selection of products that don’t interest me, and I’m starting to find these emails annoying.

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You CAN Handle The Truth: How Big Data Can Change and Improve Marketing Strategy and Business Performance

Posted by Taylor Haney on Mon, Apr 22, 2013

We are very excited to share our next Big Data guest blog from Jeff Winsper of Winsper and Black Ink. Jeff gives some great insight about using big data to improve your ROI and spark growth. As a reminder, our next guest blog series starts in May and the topic is Mobile, if you are interested in contributing please e-mail me at taylor [at] MITX [dot] org.

Jeff Winsper is President of Winsper and its business unit Black Ink, which develops innovative technology solutions and provides deep analytical services for today’s marketing leaders. Winsper is a charter member of the Marketing Accountability Standards Board. For more information visit On Twitter @winsperthinks

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The MITX Community is #BostonStrong

Posted by Taylor Haney on Thu, Apr 18, 2013

Monday's events touched the entire city of Boston but our MITX community as well. Today we received the below note from Jeff Freedman of Small Army sharing the news with us of a fellow MITX member. We wanted to pass it along to the rest of the community so we could join together in support. Please share your well wishes on the blog as Christian and Caroline move forward in their recovery. You may also donate to their recovery fund here. Together we are all #BostonStrong.

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Where is Big Data Going? The Answer Lies in Disney World.

Posted by Taylor Haney on Tue, Apr 16, 2013

We are very excited to have Jason Kodish of Digitas as our second guest blogger for our Big Data series this month. Jason provides some great insight in to where Big Data is going and the importance of value exchange. Enjoy the post and be sure to keep an eye out for more guest blog posts from the series later this week!

As SVP/North American Lead for Strategy and Analysis at Digitas, Jason Kodish leads a group of over 250 analytics professionals across the country - the largest S&A group of any agency nationwide. With more than 15 years of industry experience, Kodish has worked across a wide range of client industries including financial services, automotive, consumer packaged goods, travel, and more.

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From Big Data to Bigger Results: Focus on Ecosystemic Conditions for Analytics ROI

Posted by Taylor Haney on Mon, Apr 8, 2013

We are officially kicking off our guest blogging series for the month of April with this exciting post from a great member. The theme this month is Big Data and there is some great content coming your way! Guest blogging is an opportunity we extend to our members and in the coming months we have some exciting topics, if you would like to contribute read our previous blog with all of the details.

Cesar Brea is the co-founder of Force Five Partners, LLC, which works with multi-channel marketers across several industries to build their analytic capabilities through hands-on support for marketing programs and campaigns. More:

Big Data, as Alicia Keys might say, is “On fi-yah!”  As I walked through Logan airport this morning, I couldn’t take ten steps or turn my head more than fifteen degrees without seeing an ad claiming its solution as the best path to enlightenment and bigger profits. Google Trends confirms the zeitgeist:

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