Designing iPhone Apps - Best Practices from the Pros

Posted by Katie Del Angel on Mon, Feb 22, 2010
It was a packed house at Hill Holliday for Friday morning's event, Designing iPhone Apps: It's More than Just Beautiful Coding, where our mobile industry pro panel ( Raj Aggarwal of Localytics, Steve Brykman of Apperian, Anna Callahan of RaizLabs, Dan Katcher of Rocket Farm Studios, Bryan Maleszyk of Molecular, and Yoni Samlan of Active Frequency) shared their insight on what it takes to make iPhone apps that truly create lasting engagement with users, as well as considerations to keep in mind with the rising importance of the Android. The panel provided some engaging cases for the audience to really understand the importance of things like prototyping and maintaining a focus in the application design process, and attendees were able to walk away with some solid takeaways and great pointers.

Brian Maleszyk
Brian Maleszyk was the first panelist to speak to some best practices he has found in working with iPhone app creation. He presented the thought that you really need to create with "Results-oriented design" in mind. He went on to explain that thinking about the goal is key, but make sure to think about the medium, too. Whatever platform you are designing an application for, SEO is still a critical factor, and often one that people tend to overlook for mobile. He pointed out that with over 60,000 apps out there, you have to make yours stand out. He concluded that the way to do that is to be sure to stay on top of measurement - measuring the app is important, but equally as important is measurement of what people are saying about the app. Brian's last words - "Start small - start really, really small" so you can really pay attention and design your app based on that feedback.

Check out Bryan Maleszyk's presentation here!

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MITX 2010 Digital State Rewind

Posted by Katie Del Angel on Tue, Feb 2, 2010

Nearly two-hundred attendees showed up on Thursday, January 28th to attend the MITX Digital State event. Guest blogger for MITX, Daniel Schwartz of Donor Communications and from Northeastern University,volunteered this article in which he covers hot topics discussed by the expert panel throughout the night. Please feel free to leave any comments you may have on the piece or the writer below. Enjoy!

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