Reflection Time on the MITX Awards

Posted by Jessica Winston on Thu, Nov 19, 2009

We should likely be one of the first to blog about the Awards - but when you mix sheer thrill, relief, exhaustion and mental overload together - you get writers block for a few days.

I was so proud to see such a dynamic, vibrant group of people, and over 1,100 in the house. If you told me last year that our 2009 show would be even bigger, I would not have fully believed you given the economic conditions we were walking into. What is most important about this is that reinforces the power of the digital community and the important work being done here in Massachusetts. Good news is that it only continues to grow.

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Show Me the Metrics

Posted by Kiki Mills on Fri, Nov 13, 2009

We're pleased to highlight another of our guest bloggers! Welcome to Greg Cangialosi, of Blue Sky Factory! Enjoy the read.

While 'Share With Your Network' (SWYN) is the latest in the email marketing vernacular, it is making a great name for itself as a key element of email marketing strategy. Most of the top ESP’s (Email Service Providers) have a way to easily add this functionality to your messages. To me, the exciting part of SWYN is the reporting and metrics marketers can now get around the sharing aspect of a message. In most cases, ESP platforms will show you a share rate by medium (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc), opens & clicks by medium, who your top influencers are, and the overall reach increase of your message. Marketers love this, and remember, the benefit of all of these extra eyeballs on your message costs you nothing. You are simply allowing your subscribers to leverage their network and expand your message.

As an exercise for a recent presentation on SWYN, I asked our account management team to perform a brief study on some of our clients who are using this feature. We chose 10 clients in 10 different industries, ranging from B2B and B2C and analyzed their last three email marketing campaigns. Across all of the campaigns, the reach increase of the messages was 12%. That is pretty powerful when you think about it. 12% reach increase at zero cost. We’ve even had one client use the SWYN feature to incentivize subscribers to share their email. The top 3 sharing subscribers received free books and conference tickets. These campaigns resulted in a whopping 58% reach increase. Overall the most impressive we have seen so far within our own client base.

So, as you continue to think about new ways to expand your messaging, when it comes to email, think SWYN. This easy to implement feature is doing wonders for marketers everywhere. If you are not yet familiar with this functionality with your current email marketing platform, ask your ESP about how to implement it today. Happy mailing!

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How Traditional Marketers Can Learn to Be Inbound Marketers

Posted by Katie Del Angel on Thu, Nov 12, 2009

We're pleased to highlight another of our guest bloggers! Welcome to Rick Burnes, of HubSpot! Enjoy the read.

This article was written by Rick Burnes, inbound marketing manager at HubSpot, a Kendall Square company that provides inbound marketing software. Rick leads HubSpot's Get Found team -- the group of marketers that uses social media, content and search engine optimization to get HubSpot found by prospective customers.

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A Gift from MITX

Posted by Kiki Mills on Wed, Nov 11, 2009

Whether you're a MITX member or not, if you DM us on Twitter, we'll give you one free ticket to any educational event we hold before the end of 2009. And no, before you ask -- I'm sorry, it doesn't apply to the MITX Interactive Awards.

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Our Work Continues

Posted by Kiki Mills on Wed, Nov 4, 2009

You’ve likely seen the news about the merger of MassTLC and MassNetComms – two organizations with long history in supporting the networking communications, infrastructure, and software industries in Massachusetts. It’s good to see two organizations with similar interests find a creative solution to ensure their combined audience is supported in these ever-changing times.

What does this mean for MITX?

Not much. Our work continues.

Our organization was created in 1996 to address a very specific set of needs that no trade association addressed then and no trade association addresses exclusively now. Those needs centered then around the nascent digital marketing, media and technology industry and the need to bring together designers, developers and technologists who would become the driving force of the new interactive medium. MITX was the only trade association that provided the education, the networking and the exposure for this community to grow and thrive.

Flash-forward to today and our unique raison d’etre still exists. We bring together the most diverse innovators to explore the ongoing convergence of marketing, media and technology that is changing the world, as we know it. The companies who joined 14 years ago to help create this community – as varied as Digitas, IBM, ISITE Design, Microsoft, and Molecular - remain active in MITX today and are joined in their enthusiasm for MITX by newer members driving this convergence such as Communispace, Google, HubSpot, Quattro Wireless, and

We’ll continue to focus on an industry that generates $29 billion in annual revenues and employs 69,000 people in New England. We’ll continue to serve a growing, vibrant membership and produce relevant programs addressing emerging issues. We’ll continue to work with the state, educational institutions and other organizations to support entrepreneurship and talent retention. And as our unique industry evolves, we’ll continue to drive thought leadership and advocacy to support an incredibly important ecosystem.

And speaking of unique - if you really want to see some of the most innovative creative and technology work in the world – come join us on November 17th, along with over 1,100 digital professional, at the 14th Annual MITX Interactive Awards. I hope to see you there.

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Kickin' UX Up a Notch

Posted by Kiki Mills on Tue, Nov 3, 2009
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