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Posted by Taylor Haney on Mon, Oct 7, 2013


Brand Advertising on Mobile Platforms: What Does the Future Hold? -
Featuring the Co-Founders of Celtra

Thursday, October 17 • 3:15pm - 4:15pm

celtrafmDespite the rapid growth of mobile display advertising and a huge promise of mobile as an advertising channel of the future, TV is still a go-to medium for brand advertising.

As we are witnessing a fundamental shift from "art" to "science" in digital display advertising, making the effects of "art" in mobile ads measurable, and brand advertising more "scientific" could be the key to bringing more brands to mobile. Breaking free from the desktop legacy and making these ads truly "mobile" could make them the next TV.

This session will include a presentation with examples and studies that make a case for mobile as the future of brand advertising. After the presentation a panel will address the current state of the industry, touch on oligopoly of media sellers and look into the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

The session will address the following:

-The current state of the industry: How big is it? Who's doing it? What kind of campaigns are successful?
-Oligopoly of media sellers with different advertising philosophies - Google, FB, Twitter: Monopoly is never healthy, but is one approach better for the industry than the other? Which one should and which one will prevail?
-Challenges: We all agree that measurements are broken. Is the main problem attribution tracking? Or lack of standardized and easily understandable metrics?
-Opportunities: We know how to optimize the media buy and we know how to optimize the performance of simple click-through ads. But how do we optimize richer and more interactive display ads? What are we doing to prevent banner blindness and how happy are we with mobile ads as they are today?



  • matevz klanjsekMatevz Klanjsek
    Co-founder & CPO, Celtra Inc

  • mihael mikekMihael Mikek
    Co-founder & CEO, Celtra Inc

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