Featured FutureM Session with Mullen

Posted by Taylor Haney on Thu, Oct 3, 2013


Creativity in a Big Data World -
Presented by Mullen, Sports Illustrated, Skyword + others

Thursday, October 17 • 10:45am - 11:45am


mullenWhat is the role and definition of creativity in the data-driven marketing world of the present and future? If everyone is using the same basic data and algorithms what will set marketers and brands apart to achieve exponential success versus their competitors? Ultimately, creativity will be the leverage in Big Data. The real questions are how will creativity be defined and how will it be done? This session brings together leading Marketing Clients, Mass Media Publishers, Agency Creative Technologists, Custom Content Creators and Branded Newsroom Editors to reveal the new opportunities enabled by Big Data. They will discuss how they will conceive, produce, customize, target and deliver creative content fueled by data-driven logic that is more engaging and effective.

Audience: This discussion should appeal to clients, agencies, technical and creative talent, media suppliers.



  • Matt beanMatt Bean
    Managing Editor, SI.com at Sports Illustrated
  • Sean corcoranSean Corcoran
    SVP, Director of Digital and Social Media, Mediahub/Mullen

  • Matt CreamerMatt Creamer
    Associate Creative Director/Executive Editor, kbs+

  • rob murrayRob Murray
    President, Skyword

  • matthew rayMatthew Ray
    SVP, Director of Creative Technology, Mullen

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