RTB and the NYSE - Automation Does Not Complete the Equation

Posted by Taylor Haney on Thu, Jul 18, 2013

Taking a small break from our e-Commerce theme we have a very interesting post from Richard Stalzer, CEO of Voltari that we wanted to share with you. This will definitely appeal to anyone who was at #MITXMobile and saw Voltari's session! Don't miss our next summit, #MITXData, on August 1st.

JW Rich Stalzer 3090 LRich Stalzer was named CEO of Voltari in November 2012 after a year serving as President of Voltari’s Mobile Media and Advertising division. Formerly, Rich served as COO for Education Dynamics, a leader in helping higher education institutions find, enroll and retain students, where he oversaw sales, marketing, product management, operations and business intelligence. Throughout his career, Rich has held a number of executive leadership positions, including President of IAC Advertising Solutions, SVP of Sales at Bankrate, East Coast Financial Services Director at Microsoft, VP of Sales and Business Development at E*TRADE Financial and Western Regional Sales Director at Time Warner, Inc. Rich holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Denver.

Folks in our business love to associate the mechanics of RTB and programmatic media buying to the New York Stock Exchange. It's become a popular analogy. We all agree that there are parallels between the NYSE and our real-time bidding systems -- that sweeping capability that has transformed online display into a world of powerful and efficient audience buying. But, flatly comparing one automated bidding system to another is an exciting but incomplete idea. The way we see it, no matter the volume, audience bidding done in isolation cannot possibly deliver on marketing objectives.

First, RTB would be nothing without smart, sophisticated data curation, modeling and application -- in order to zero in on your most productive audiences. To put it bluntly, an RTB bidder without a recommendation engine tied to consumer behavior stops short. You have to be able to deliver the recommendation, learn from the response and then optimize to scale those efforts.

While it's easy enough to recite the mantra and importance of reaching the right audience with the right inventory at the right time and place and doing so dynamically and in real-time, it's essential to delve into what goes into this -- in order to do it justice. As we as an industry move away from a focus on mere media placements and context and start to consider audience + context + inventory -- it's essential that our strategies, practices and chosen solutions help us use our systems to examine audience propensity in a fairly granular way and benefit from our understanding of it, every single day.

It's incredibly exciting to realize that mobile ad marketing now has many of the same options that automated display has advanced over the past few years. Levels of modeling, targeting and optimization previously unseen are spurring tremendous progress in mobile. But, we believe it's more than just the idea of automated targeting and bidding -- it's about leveraging a systemic command of attributes and delivering better and better ad recommendations over time to achieve your marketing goals. The ability to target, deliver and optimize your message, offer and creative, based on a chain of models related to audience, context, inventory -- not to mention time, location and device—is what gets you there.

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