The MITX Community is #BostonStrong

Posted by Taylor Haney on Thu, Apr 18, 2013

Monday's events touched the entire city of Boston but our MITX community as well. Today we received the below note from Jeff Freedman of Small Army sharing the news with us of a fellow MITX member. We wanted to pass it along to the rest of the community so we could join together in support. Please share your well wishes on the blog as Christian and Caroline move forward in their recovery. You may also donate to their recovery fund here. Together we are all #BostonStrong.

Hi Debi,
I hope you and everyone at MITX are OK after Monday's tragic events in Boston.  In case you have not yet heard, I am writing to let you know that Small Army did not make it through unscathed.  One of our Art Directors, Christian Williams, was severely injured in the attack.  His girlfriend, Caroline, was also hurt.  The good news is that the doctors were able to save all their limbs.  Caroline had surgery yesterday and we hear she is doing OK (although we have yet to get more details on her injuries).  Christian severely injured both legs and his right hand.  He is having a third surgery today, and will have a long road ahead with surgeries, skin grafts and rehab.

As you know, Small Army has seen tragedy before, and we will make it through again.  Most importantly, I ask that you all keep Christian and Caroline in your thoughts and prayers.  We are part of an amazing community, and it is that support that will get them through this.  We also created a blog for people to send support and well wishes to Christian and Caroline -
Please share as you see fit.