MITX Member Spotlight: Boston Interactive

Posted by Kate Jurras on Thu, Dec 27, 2012

Get to know a MITX member! This month we're featuring Boston Interactive.

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1. Tell us what’s new at Boston Interactive?

With the end of the year quickly approaching, we’ve been busy helping our clients get their websites in place for the New Year. We recently launched new websites for Best Doctors, the National Academy of Sciences, and the YMCA. We also created an interactive holiday campaign for our longtime client, New England Coffee.

From an internal standpoint, we’re very excited about the most recent addition to our team- our new Vice President of User Experience, Brady Bonus. Brady comes to us with years of experience in the interactive realm and will be leading our team of information architects and UX analysts. Also new to the office is our weekly organic fruit delivery and free lunch Wednesdays, two programs that help brighten up the office and power our team.
Of course, in the spirit of the holidays we recently hosted our annual office Yankee Swap followed by an always highly competitive ping pong tournament. We held this year’s holiday party Fenway Park’s EMC Club and had a great time celebrating 2012 with a visit from the Green Monster himself, Wally.

2. What are some key Boston Interactive initiatives that you’d like the MITX community to know about?

Throughout this entire year we have been working with our clients to help them stay ahead of web design best practices and trends. This year this specifically involved key initiatives around responsive web design. We are excited to help our clients prepare for the ongoing mobile revolution by creating websites that automatically adjust to any screen size and device.

Looking ahead for 2013, we will be implementing new initiatives in both marketing and client services. We will be working closely with our partners to expand our reach and promote thought leadership through white papers, webinars, and events. On the client side we are excited to begin implementing UX workshops. These interactive workshops focus on collaborating with a variety of employees at our clients’ offices in order to gather unique input and insights that will help guide the web project.

3. What makes Boston Interactive different than other companies in your marketplace?

Since our founding in 1999, Boston Interactive has always dedicated itself to taking a user-centric approach to web design and development. For each project we focus on aligning our clients’ goals with that of their users in order to create custom, results oriented websites. This involved incorporating the user at key points in our process most specifically at the beginning with in-depth research and interviews as well as at the end with multiple rounds of usability testing in our eye tracking lab.

4. Eye Tracking Lab? Tell us more! 

About 2 years ago we opened the Boston interactive Eye Tracking lab, also sometimes referred to as our Usability Lab. The lab allows us to track where a user is looking and helps us to measure the effectiveness of a website. Before launching a new website, a group of sample users are invited to test the site in the eye tracking lab. The user is given specific tasks, or use cases that the site was designed to support. The device tracks where their eye is drawn and how focused they become. We can then compare that data to the intended website goals set by the client and the user click paths.

5. What has been Boston Interactive’s greatest accomplishment in 2012?

Our greatest accomplishment this year is our continued success in delivering innovative websites for both new and returning clients. In addition to providing responsive web design services, we are proud to have utilized the latest technologies of parallax design and HTML5 in our solutions. We are thrilled to have kicked off projects with new clients including Charles River Labs and the JFK Library while also continuing our long-term relationships with clients such as Genzyme and the Mass. College of Pharmacy.

6. What is the biggest challenge you face in the marketplace today?

The biggest challenge in our marketplace today is to stay current with the always evolving technologies and innovations in the digital arena. New devices and platforms are constantly being released, challenging our team not only to understand their implications but to learn how we can adapt these trends and use them to provide our clients with the most up-to-date, optimized online presences.