MITX Member Spotlight: Digital Marketing NOW

Posted by Kate Jurras on Thu, Dec 6, 2012

Get to know a MITX member! This month we're featuring Digital Marketing NOW.

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1. Tell us what’s new at Digital Marketing NOW?

We’ve added a number of new clients in recent months, including Intel, and we are excited to see all that we can achieve for them. One existing client tripled their scope, and that’s been keeping us busy as well. In addition, we recently hired Elizabeth Dillon as our Director of Client Strategy. Elizabeth had been managing digital campaigns at iProspect for the world’s largest office products company and #2 web retailer, Staples, prior to joining. We are thrilled to have her deep expertise, strategic thinking and great attitude. We are also gearing up for the holidays, by throwing our annual holiday party and making donations to on behalf of our clients.

2. What are some key Digital Marketing NOW initiatives that you’d like the MITX community to know about?

We are defining a process for marketers to generate exponentially greater results for clients through a number of branding and executional factors. This has been years in the making, and it’s exciting and fulfilling to see it come to life. In addition, we are writing a book, and look forward to sharing it with the world.

3. What makes Digital Marketing NOW different than other companies in your marketplace?

There are many highly talented agencies out there. Countless agencies are producing amazing campaigns for clients, and actually it is great that there are so many examples of good marketing to view and experience.

What makes us different from others, though, is the conversations that we have with clients. We question everything, and this opens up new worlds of rethinking, covering topics that clients have sometimes never even considered. We talk and collaborate with clients in evaluating their overall business, not just their marketing campaigns. For example, for a company in the music industry, we revamped their entire pricing model, creating a far more streamlined and profitable business. This, along with other ways of rethinking their business and their marketing, produced revenue gains of more than 400% in a few years time. It wasn’t about conducting a new campaign or increasing their marketing budget. Instead, by attacking the core of the business, we were able to achieve far greater results.

4. What has been Digital Marketing NOW’s greatest accomplishment in 2012?

Our greatest accomplishment in 2012 was producing results that change the game for clients. In certain cases this was greatly improved campaign performance, and in other cases it was a re-branding success.

For one client, we increased their paid search conversions by 184%, increased their conversion rate by 73%, and decreased their cost per conversion by 29%. For another client we did a complete overhaul of their identity and marketing, everything from a brand re-assessment to a new look & feel, new logo, new website, the works! When they first hired us, they were running in circles. Now, they are a focused marketing engine. For another client, we’ve introduced so many new ways of doing things, they actually just offered us stock in their company!

5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Tom Shapiro: The power to tell funnier jokes. My kids keep telling me how lame mine are. Good grief!

Elizabeth Dillon: The power to enjoy decadent cheeses. My friends throw wine and cheese parties all the time, and I am stuck with just boring crackers.

6. What is the biggest challenge you face in the marketplace today?

Our biggest challenge is companies that hesitate being bold, out of their comfort zone. Over time, habits become ossified. Sometimes you really need to rethink your marketing, down to the very core. Although some companies are bold enough to take the plunge, others seem to be overtaken with paralysis.

We help teach clients how to make their business dreams a reality, and to that end we are eager to work with clients that are bold. That want to dream big. That want to achieve big things. We believe those are the types of clients for whom we are the best fit.