Why FutureM is like the first week at the college of your dreams

Posted by Kate Jurras on Thu, Aug 30, 2012

katie resized 600Guest post by Katie Del Angel. Katie is a content strategist at ISITE Design, responsible for content marketing and social media within the agency. She oversees a mini B2B content empire of five in-house blogs, including the CMS Myth, and a growing army of internal contributors. She also oversees website content and organizes the agency’s annual UX event in Portland, Oregon, Delight 2012.

I was at Social Media Club Boston last night and ran into a friend from Upword Search. We discussed upcoming events, and naturally FutureM came up. We chatted briefly about the ISITE session and the myriad of other events that week, promising to chat soon to compare schedules. In that moment, I was vaguely reminded of my college years, comparing schedules and professors with friends - and it got me thinking: FutureM actually reminds me A LOT of the first week at college. Only way better.

The possibilities are endless, but there are no requirements. No prerequisites necessary -- you sign up for whatever you want, simple as that.

All the classes are good. Unlike college, where you frantically rush to get "good classes" with the cool professors, all the FutureM speakers are golden and the session topics unique. Though you may find some fundamental level sessions, they're far from 101.

You’re not stuck in a classroom (obviously). But not just that – you get to check out 3 of the most fun event venues in the city: Hynes, Fidelity, and Microsoft NERD (which has just about the best view in Cambridge, if you haven’t been).

You can bring friends. Unless you went to a college in the town you grew up in (or the Midwest, as my friends did), you probably didn't show up to Day 1 with a group of friends and peers. The great thing about FutureM is that you can bring anyone you want, and you'll probably run into a handful of industry peers. If you're a total event newbie and you're flying solo, though, there's another fantastic reason FutureM is better than your freshman year...

Networking parties galore! Now, maybe some of you truly enjoyed the get-to-know-you icebreakers during orientation, but let's be honest -- there weren't any custom cocktails or chili bars at those events. Need I say more?

I'm sure there are a dozen other parallels here, but those are my top 5. What's your reason for going to FutureM?