Give Us Something Easy to Love - Tips from a #MITXAwards Judge

Posted by Jaime Reynolds on Thu, Aug 16, 2012

The following blog post was provided by an industry veteran who has judged our Interactive Awards competition for many years and wanted to anonymously share his suggestions for putting together an entry.

2012 Interactive AwardsAs you consider your company's entries into this year's MITX Interactive Awards, it's worth knowing that your peers who volunteer their time as judges really enjoy the process. For many of us, like you focused intently on our own work, this presents a great opportunity to spend some quality time with great work being done by other firms, teams and agencies. In years of judging, I've never met another judge who didn't enjoy the process.

It's also true that, as quickly as our space tends to evolve, the experience of reviewing entries remains remarkably consistent — regardless of category or quality of the work. With that in mind, here are some suggestions as you put together your entries:

1. Don't make the entry an afterthought. Every judge can recognize an entry that was mailed in or completed by someone with no professional or emotional attachment to the work. Takedowns of case studies fit a similar mold. The people evaluating your work are passionate about good work, and want to be excited by what your team has made.

2. Be succinct. No, really.

3. Words like 'platform', 'innovation', 'engagement' and 'ecosystem' all have very real and very specific meanings. Use them purposefully and they can sharpen your entry into focus. Use them casually and judges will treat your entry in a similar manner.

4. Treat results with care. A list of metrics without context is not nearly as valuable to judges as a story of business goals achieved.  And if you can't specifically hard metrics, a story about the impact of your work is just as good.

5. Finally, double-check the category for your entry (and check with MITX if you're not sure). You'd be shocked at how frequently 'why is this entered in this category?' is asked aloud in the judging room.

If there's a recurring theme, it's this: keep it simple and keep it human. Brief entries, written in a human voice by the people who did the work, with a few smart photos are going to get the best looks and generate the best results for your team. 

Give us something easy to love, and easy to advocate for.

Click me  The deadline to submit an entry in the 2012 Interactive Awards is Friday, September 14th.