What Does Innovation Mean to You? (3 of 7)

Posted by Kate Jurras on Thu, May 31, 2012

We asked each of the Innovation Awards finalists to answer the much-harder-than-it-sounds question: “What does innovation mean to you?” We’ll be sharing their sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always inspirational responses in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. If you’re reading this blog post, chances are: you’re innovative, too! Leave a comment and tell us which of these quotes impacted you the most, and how YOU are innovative. Oh, and see you at the ceremony!

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EverTrue: EverTrue realizes innovation through providing an informative mobile resource to an antiquated industry, and in empowering alumni to better harness the power of their alumni networks. Our innovation is a direct result of reflecting with mentors, clients and prospects about what's next, and then executing on those ideas.

FitOrbit/Fresh Tilled Soil: Category leadership is an essential part of our clients' strategy.  This can only be achieved if innovation is a priority.

Gazelle: At Gazelle, innovation is the driving force behind our reCommerce revolution. We've all been there before. You purchase the new shiny tablet or phone and throw the older model in a drawer or closet, never to be seen again. Gazelle believes that reCommerce – the resale and reuse of used electronics – is the solution. Gazelle offers an easy, simple and fast way for people to upgrade to the latest smartphone or Apple product by trading in their gently-used gadgets for cash. Gazelle is all about making the latest technology more accessible to those on a budget and rewarding people for smart consumption, giving gadgets people no longer need a new life. Simply put, Gazelle wants consumers to understand the environmental and remunerative value of trading in a used gadget and then using the cash to buy the newer model, essentially transforming the way we as consumers think about consumption.

Ginger.io: Innovation happens at the intersection of disciplines. At Ginger.io, we brought together a diverse team from data science, clinical care, and user experience to build a meaningful wellness solution. We are captivated by the power of ideas but also realize that true innovation only occurs when an idea is transformed into a tangible product or service that can fulfill a real-world need in a novel manner.

GymPact: Making a real change in people's lives, and adding real value.

Harvard Innovation Lab: The Harvard innovation lab is a new and innovative initiative fostering team-based and entrepreneurial activities and deepening interactions among Harvard students, faculty, entrepreneurs, and members of the Allston and Greater Boston community.

Hubspot: Innovation at HubSpot means doing everything that we can to help marketers transform their marketing, no matter what form that takes. For just one example, any employee can prototype and test innovative ideas nights and weekends (Alpha), introduce them as experimental programs (Beta) and get full budget and authority over the ones that work (Version One). From this "Alpha, Beta, Version One" policy to unlimited vacation, our HubSpot Fellows business education program, and frequent expert BizTalks, we innovate by hiring fantastic people and motivating them to put a dent in the universe by making marketing into something people love.

KangoGift: Finding simple and meaningful ways to celebrate great work.