Reflections and Predictions:A Blog Post That Is Way More Fun Than It Sounds (Part 2 of 2)

Posted by Kate Jurras on Mon, Jan 16, 2012

We’re back! This half of our super awesome reflections and predictions blog post looks to the future. Kind of like a superhero flying towards the sun. Or something like that. How about we get right to the point?

Debi: For 2012, it’s all bigger, badder and better ahead! Never has there been a more exciting time to be at the intersection of marketing and technology, right where the MITX companies live. There’s huge potential to really shake things up and shine a light on what’s happening here to the world. For example, we’ve got a new event series in the works and it’s going to be awesome, pulling together the many facets of our community in an interesting way – stay tuned! And as we look to make MITX even more valuable to our members, I am excited to explore some of the best new digital tools and approaches to help us build deeper relationships with our members and contribute to their success.

Jaime: In 2012, I am looking forward to doing more to give back to others.  For me, that means being a better sister/friend/daughter/girlfriend and spending more quality time with my loved ones, helping MITX members more often, spending additional time with my MITX team to help them grow professionally and personally, and getting involved with a non-profit that I am passionate about.   

Sarah: Networking, networking and networking. What I’m most excited about for 2012 is all of the opportunities there are going to be to meet our members, learning more about what they are looking for from MITX and delivering compelling, thoughtful and fun programs.  

Kate: I’m looking forward to getting matching MITX tattoos with my coworkers. Right you guys? We’re doing this? But for serious, I’m really excited about FutureM.  Everything about it is the best, and if you can possibly imagine this: it’s going to be even better this year than it was in 2011. True story. I’m also looking forward to high fives, because I just love them so much.

Brian: Like Mark, I too am really thrilled about FutureM. After our awesomebeta, I am thrilled to see what MITX and the FutureM team can dream up for this year. As cliché as it sounds, I am also really looking forward to the things that MITX has in the pipeline for 2012; we have some amazing events and ideas planned that’ll push the community and MITX forward.

Kara: I’m looking forward to meeting people who are passionate about bringing together the local digital community, continuing to showcase technologies that are being developed in New England, and being part of a team who will bring MITX to the next level.  Oh, and I can’t wait be the creator of the super-secret MITX handshake.  Ask me about it when we meet.

Mark: FutureM is an event I’m really excited about for 2012. I remember sitting in my old office last September and watching Twitter explode with conversation that entire week. I’m looking forward to being part of the action this year, helping to educate and promote the Boston marketing and tech community.

The whole MITX office is pretty pumped about 2012, and we hope you are too. Do you have anything to add to our list? Tell us things in the comments.

In conclusion: Happy New Year!