Reflections and Predictions: A Blog Post That Is Way More Fun Than It Sounds (Part 1 of 2)

Posted by Kate Jurras on Mon, Jan 9, 2012

It’s the beginning of another new year! We like this for a few reasons. First of all, the start of a new year is a great time to reminisce about the last year. Hey, remember that time we did that cool thing and it was so fun? Furthermore, the start of a new year is a great time to look to the future. Like, will it ever snow? Anything is possible! Good stuff is going to happen in 2012, we just know it.

We’d like to share with you our favorite memories from 2011, and our biggest excitements (that’s a thing you can say, right?) about 2012. We’ll be posting this in two parts, to make it EXTRA fun. Let’s start with 2011:

Debi: Looking back on 2011, I am grateful for our incredible sponsors, members and partners. Everyone was so engaged with MITX and our mission, more than ever before,  it seemed. The dedication and willingness to give significant time, energy and resources to help grow and advance our amazing digital community i really blew me away. Things like the wonderfully brilliant and generous team at Microsoft NERD who help us create community at every event there. Or the continuity of PwC who has supported all of our Awards shows for many, many years running. Or the exciting programming ideas via our super smart agency thought leaders from Digitas, Mullen, Hill Holliday, Holland-Mark, allen & gerritsen and Havas (to name just a few). Or the “at the ready” trusted guidance from the MITX Board of Directors. I could go on, but Kate told me I had to be brief… In 2011, we tried some new things (MITXUp, Innovation Awards) and grew the impact of some of our marquis events (FutureM!!) – everyone involved felt that they were part of something that was really making a difference and moving the community forward.  You can’t ask for more! But, I probably will…

Jaime: 2011 was a tough but rewarding year for so many people I know – my family, my friends, members of the MITX community.  But everyone I know approached the challenge of the year with a desire to be helpful to others despite their own worries and workload - and then they did it! I personally would not have come out on top without my friends & family, my co-workers, and all of the MITX members who gave their time and ideas to us and to me.  In 2011, I am thankful for all those who helped me personally and those who contributed to the MITX community.

Sarah: I’ve joined a team that makes me beam and is guiding me through the local innovation dream.  It’s fun to ruminate on things I’ve come to appreciate: CMS, CRM, CSS and other TLAs. They help us officiate and efficiently advocate for things we hope will dominate.  

Kate: Aside from being borderline obsessed with my coworkers, I’m also in love with the smartypants, funny, creative MITX community. One of the best things about working for an association like MITX is the opportunity to meet lots of people. I’ve gotten to work with so many of Boston’s most fabulous people, and guess what? I really like you guys! Oh, and FutureM was pretty much my favorite thing of all time.

Brian: 2011 was an amazing year filled with new experiences and incredible transitions; personally, professionally, and especially within the confines of the local thought economy and the larger community that MITX embraces. We’ve put on some amazing events, supported an incredible community, been introduced to some phenomenal minds through our new home at MassChallenge, and it’s looking like MITX is on course for another spectacular year.

Kara: I’m thankful for working with a team who consistently strives to be the best, and who makes me laugh every day.  Working with our members on a daily basis allows me the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies being developed and the most innovative concepts being tested.  Mix that in with a kick ass view out of our new office windows and I’m one thankful girl!

Mark: It was incredible to sit in the audience at this year’s Interactive Awards and see the genuine excitement and pride that leapt off the stage. There’s gotta be a special thrill in being honored in front of the best in your industry, and I’m thankful that in 2011 I had the opportunity to join an organization that facilitates those kinds of moments.

Okay, that was fun! We’ve got ANOTHER blog post coming soon in which we’ll get all mushy about the future. Stay tuned. In the meantime, what did you love most about 2011? Tell us in the comments! We will write back!