Meet Appguppy!

Posted by Kate Jurras on Tue, Oct 11, 2011
Meet Appguppy! One of our totally cool members.
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1. In a nutshell, what is your company all about?

People in small businesses, nonprofits, and other professional organizations who are building their brand have a BIG problem: They want mobile apps as part of a marketing campaign, but can't have them. It takes too much time or money. It's also too technically complex to code an app, which may not even be accepted by app stores!

Appguppy solves this problem. Our free service lets small businesses, nonprofits, industry experts and professional organizations, create AND instantly deploy, mobile apps to consumers on ANY smartphone OS. Reid Hoffman has famously said, "People are now their own brands." Appguppy lets you brand yourself or your organization, with a mobile app.

2. How was your company founded and what inspired its creation?

We're a team made up of a doctor (Ash Nadkarni), an MBA candidate and attorney (Anagha Nadkarni), and a MIT software engineer (Raj Dandage) and we ran into a problem that we realized is really common! Ash wanted to brand a health blog through a mobile app and Anagha wanted to market a business school networking association. Meanwhile, our hacker was coding mobile apps for small businesses but found that that they either couldn't afford the monthly expense or got apps rejected from the IPhone App store. We put our heads together and got the vision for Appguppy: a simple frontend service for fast mobile app creation and even faster deployment through any smartphone OS.

3. What makes your company different than other companies in your Marketspace?

Our competitors are either charging expensive monthly subscription fees or still relying on the app stores for deployment. These are two major factors that limit their scalability. As our hacker found out from personal experience, organizations can't afford high subscription fees and the IPhone App store simply will NOT accept every app. So we've put a major spin on deployment using inbound marketing: Mobile apps created with Appguppy are deployed instantly via Facebook, Twitter and QR codes. As soon as you're done creating, the app can be downloaded on your consumer's smartphone in minutes! And apps work on ANY smartphone OS. Features of the mobile app also capitalize on inbound marketing: Your app integrates all of your social media, daily deals and events and offers e-commerce functionality. So anyone who uses Appguppy gets "made" and "paid"!

4. What has been your company's greatest accomplishment in 2011?

Landing clients before we've even had our beta launch! Gaining early market traction has really validated both the problem and our solution to it. Our focus on the customer, and the customer's problem, above all else, is also why we started Appguppy in the first place. We've had more than 100 people signup to create their own mobile app. We've also attracted a major national chain as a potential reseller of the service.

5. Create your own question!

Q. Hmmm, so if the service is free, how do you make any money?
Our business model is built on three sources of revenue: First, we sell Appguppy's creation and deployment service as a white label solution to marketing companies and social media strategists who need a mobile marketing strategy for their customers. Second, we sell priced plans to enable deployment of mobile apps to not just a few hundred, but mass markets of customers. So anyone gets the first 250 downloads to their consumer for free, but pays for variably priced plans for downloads beyond this number. Third, we'll be offering specialized plugins which upgrade the initially created mobile app, providing additional functionality.

6. Why are you a MITX member?

The people! MITX is an organization made up of people, both in its leadership and its members, who are truly passionate about the startup environment. That's fostered a spirit of true collaboration here in Boston. People keep writing about how we need to do more in Boston to nurture the talented entrepreneurs with roots here. It's organizations like MITX that are really helping to do just that.