FUTUREM 2011: The Future Starts Now

Posted by Debi Kleiman on Tue, Oct 4, 2011

Amazing people, panels and parties - it’s hard to believe FutureM was just three weeks ago. I feel like I am only now recovered. It was such a great week!

The conversation about the Future of Marketing was rich, the participants were deeply engaged and everyone had an awesome time. We are very thankful to all our sponsors, speakers and event partners who made it so successful. We couldn’t have done it without you. What makes me most proud is that the week’s ultimate success is really the result of the strength of our digital community. And we are crankin!

I attended many, many sessions – I learned a lot. One thing that stood out to me as a theme from the sessions was the amount of collaboration beginning to happen between agencies, VCs, digital startups. This was something we started to see with the MITX Innovation Awards last June. But at FutureM, it went much further. From BostInnovation’s “Digital Showcase”, to Hill Holliday’s “The Pitch”, to Mullen / TNGG’s “Start Something” we had a set of events whose whole purpose was to bring together these different segments of our digital community and encourage idea sharing, partnership and growth. On the one hand it makes total sense for these groups to be together, but on the other, there are the business realities we all face, too busy, too much. Yet during FutureM, it came together and there was magic.

We should continue to bring this set of players together more regularly and in more meaningful ways. I think it can be one of our differentiating factors as a region. As we seek to stand out from other urban areas of growth and entrepreneurial activity, I think we can make our mark by showcasing how we operate as a frictionless community of digital innovators.

We hope that by the end of the FutureM week you were inspired and feeling fresh with new ideas that you can use in your work. Most importantly, we’d love to hear about the connections you made – whether through a new partner, employee, mentor – who is going to make a difference to your business. At the end of the day, that’s our mission, to grow and advance our amazing digital ecosystem and continue our reign as the hub of modern marketing.

For those that missed an event or who want to share what you learned, we have video highlights of many of the sessions on our YouTube channel. There’s a ton of great stuff, check it out. Also several partners and colleagues wrote blog posts about what they heard; you can join in the conversation here, here and here. Last, while we heard it was even better than last year on every dimension, we are already thinking about how to outdo ourselves next year, so if you have ideas for us, please let us know! We are thrilled with what FutureM accomplished this year due to everyone’s hard work and effort, and are committed to continuing to improve the experience, content and excitement for next year.

What was your favorite part of FutureM 2011? Share with us in the comments section.