Marketing Trends and Event Coverage - Coming to a Browser Near You

Posted by Jaime Reynolds on Wed, Aug 4, 2010

In case you missed it...An event at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge

We’ve already produced 30 events this year, and the trends from these programs should be no surprise:

Technology is Driving Marketing Innovation

Advancements in the Facebook OpenGraph platform, the growth of mobile marketing, and new devices (the iPad!) have all created new avenues of growth and experimentation for marketers.  

Marketing Is No Longer Just for “Marketers”

Social media has changed the game so much so that what would traditionally be a marketing function is now spread amongst the organization: your HR team now uses LinkedIn to communicate about your organization, your customer service uses Twitter to respond to customer feedback.   These changes all create a need for a consistent cross channel customer feedback – and has changed the world of “marketing” as we knew it.

Content is King

At the same time that we’ve all become content creators, consumers attention span has been reduced to 140 characters.  Developing a content strategy that optimizes your content for your audience and creates a plan for executing your content plan is critical. 

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