MITX & BIMA Explore: iPad Advertising Opps and Device Predictions

Posted by Katie Del Angel on Thu, May 27, 2010
Last night's MITX/BIMA event showcased Everything You Need to Know About iPad Advertising - up to 8:01 PM. Liberty Carras, the dynamic moderator of the evening, was sure to start the discussion off with a disclaimer: The panel didn't know everything, nor were they claiming to - they were sharing their perspectives, understandings, and predictions of the iPad only up to the moment; Upon leaving the event, any number of those points were likely to change, as this device has been so rapidly evolving.

Liberty Carras (SVP of Sales, opened the event with an example of Vanity Fair's use of ads, and the 2 formats the app allowed: a side-by-side or single page format, which allows advertisers flexibility in the way their ad is viewed. Only 2 of the many options for advertisers to use in iPad ads, she then opened the panel up to share their thoughts on opinions they'd developed in their experiences, work they admired or disliked, and predictions they had about the device.

See Liberty's perception of the Good & the Bad on iPad ad development in the video clip below:

Miranda Cresswell - SVP Strategy & Operations,

Personal Experience: Miranda showed examples of static banner ads that Oralce used in conjunction with BBC. In her experience, the click-thru rates proved the ads worked with the content of their app. She emphasized the fact that because users are so attached to the device already, consistent ad placement consideration was particularly important.
Recommendation: Remember that the iPad is extremely personal, so the bar is set particularly high. Pay attention to what the audience wants - start research there.

Adam Kasper - SVP/Director of Digital Innovation, Havas Digital
Personal Experinece: Adam delineated his habitual use of a particular travel site, and his admiration for their usually comprehensive usability. However, he noted that upon opening their iPad app, he found quite a let-down: they had simply taken their iPhone app and applied it on a larger page. His key take-away from this example: iPad ads will need to maximize the nativity of the device, such as the internal gyroscope.
Predictions: Unlike Kristin, Adam foresees the compression of the pricing market as the user numbers increase.

Kristin Mollerus - VP, Digital Associate Media Director, Hill Holliday

Personal experience: Kristin shared her experience in building interactive ads in very short time frames, and as she explained, creating non-traditional ads in immersive settings. She noted the Liberty Mutual ads in TIME as one of her first developments, in which usability was a main consideration. She lauded Korean Air for the especially personalized experiences their app allows for.
Predictions: She anticipates that advertisers will eventually be paying to keep the iPad space uncluttered.
Recommendation: The hype has come and gone; don't rush - do it right.

Chris Needham - VP, Interactive, Fidelity
Personal experience: Chris explained the difficulty he experienced in developing the first ads for iPad, particularly in integrating videos. He also noted that because print + TV ads ≠ iPad ads, the process is rough, and will continue to be as the device evolves - but early adopters of the device will be better off as they gain those experiences.
Predictions: Advertising on the device will become based around the concept that people really want to interact and engage with other people - it will ideally become what entertainment should be.

Stay tuned for full video coverage of the event!

So what do you think - are iPad ads a must-have? What concerns do you have?? Share your thoughts below.