HubSpot : A Company Branding Success Story

Posted by Katie Del Angel on Mon, May 17, 2010
Do you know what your company looks like to job-seekers? This Friday, MITX and Hollister are teaming up to bring you The Necessity of Branding for Talent Acquisition and Retention to delve into just how critical it is to create a distinctive and attractive company brand to obtain fresh talent in the competitive Boston job market.

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MITX member, HubSpot, while acclaimed for their superb inbound-marketing tools, has also become pretty well-known in the industry for their strong company culture and brand. It's no secret that HubSpot's been thriving - Inbound marketer Rebecca Corliss takes a moment out of her busy day to share with us her insight on the role branding has played in the exponential growth of their talented company.

MITX: What 3 words would you use to describe the culture at HubSpot?

R.C: Energetic, intelligent and fun!

MITX: What got that culture going/where did it come from? How is it perpetuated?
R.C: The culture stems from the personalities of the folks who started the company, and it's perpetuated by those who come on board. One HubSpot statistic that I love is "Everyone's #1 favorite thing about HubSpot is the other HubSpotters." When you like each other (and play ping pong with each other), you work harder too!

MITX: What role has the HubSpot brand played in making the company a success? (in terms of attracting fresh talent, or building and shaping dynamic teams)
R.C: The best of the best talent want to work in a place that is fun and where hard work is rewarded. For example. HubSpot's "no policy" vacation policy is a unique privilege that catches the eye of some of the best engineers, sales reps and marketers. When a talented person has three offers on the table, we want them to pick HubSpot.

MITX: What would you like to hear discussed at the event?
R.C: I'd love to hear about more techniques companies have used to differentiate themselves and bring in great talent!
Special thanks to Rebecca for providing us some food for thought. Be sure to check out her blog!

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