Mobile Strategy from the Leaders in the New Mobile World

Posted by Gena Folts on Tue, Apr 13, 2010

It can be difficult not to lose yourself in the new world of mobile advertising. The innovation, creativity, and potential surrounding mobile is exciting, but can overshadow the reality of using mobile to reach consumers and the best strategies for getting involved can be elusive for those not deeply entrenched in this new channel. 

Luckily, BIMA's ‘Making the Most of Mobile: Now and in the Future' event on Thursday, April 8th brought together the entire mobile marketing ecosystem to discuss the future of mobile. The panel included Phuc Truong from Mobext as moderator, Steve Bagdasarian (Interactive Strategist at Hill Holliday), Amy Lipton (Account Director at Yahoo! Mobile), Brian Murphy (Regional Director - East at AdMob), Marcus Spurrell (Global Head of Digital Marketing for Reebok), and John Zehr (Senior VP and GM for ESPN Mobile). 

We have a few of the panelists' highlights on video taken at the end of the discussion, but the expertise shared by each of the panelists was enlightening, and is recapped below.

Hear from Steven Bagdasarian (Hill Holliday) and Brian Murphy (AdMob) about the highlights of the panel's discussion.

Mobile advertising presents an amazing opportunity - you are reaching consumers on the most intimate and penetrating device they own.  With the right strategy you can provide more than an image or a tagline; you can provide an experience. An experience that sits in their pocket at all times waiting to be used (unless the worst happens and they lose their phone!)  Users may spend an average of 30 minutes with their iPhone apps per day according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, "Now, if we said we wanted to put an ad up every three minutes, that would be 10 ads per device per day. We're going to soon have 100 million devices [running the iPhone OS]. That's a billion ad opportunities per day in the iPhone and iPod touch community. This is a pretty serious opportunity." (read the full article here) The payoff for a meaningful and strategic mobile campaign can be huge.

However, the panel stressed the importance of strategy and forethought. Land Rover is a great example; knowing their consumers are often part of a tech savvy demographic gave them a reason to make mobile part of their marketing strategy, and they excelled in this channel with videos, dealer locations and a build-your-own Land Rover experience. Whether a B2B or B2C company, with the right planning, content, and strategy, you can be successful in mobile.

Brands who can find a way to engage with their consumers daily will be especially successful.  You can't be something to everyone, but you need to be everything to someone.   Mobile advertising surrounding weather, sports, games and other general interests will likely be successful if done well, but some brands are finding creative ways to break into mobile even if it isn't an obvious move. Puma created the "Stripper Stock Ticker" - mixing something as utilitarian as stock market updates with something fun and (somewhat) relevant to their brand.

There is no question that mobile is and will continue to be a part of the new advertising strategy. While the panel advocated that those considering the channel do so thoughtfully - there was no question that all of them expect this channel to continue to grow, evolve, and provide amazing rewards for those who use it! This blog post covered just a few of the many ads and apps being created for the mobile channel. If you have any other great examples, please share them with me below!

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