Event Recap: Measurement 2.0

Posted by Katie Del Angel on Wed, Apr 8, 2009

On Tuesday, March 24th, MITX held the first installment of MITX's Marketing Technology Series titled Measurement 2.0 - How to Tell the Full Digital Story.

Moderated by Charlie Ballard, Manager, Measurement & Analytics, One to One Interactive, this event was filled with lively exchange. Panelists included Paul Botto, Head of Google Analytics Sales, Google; Matt Cutler, Vice President of Marketing & Analytics, Visible Measures; Perry Hewitt, VP Marketing, Crimson Hexagon; Morris Martin, Analyst, Microsoft's Atlas Institute; Michael Schneider, Vice President & Director of Contributions, Allen & Gerritsen

Check out #MITXMT if you want to see the whole conversation on Twitter. But like me, I know you're pressed for time, so I thought I'd give you my recap.

Top 10 (okay...11) Tweets:

  • MITX: Let the user experience define the measurement story you tell, give users 200 different options and see which one resonates the most
  • shwen Storytelling is IMPT-We r programmed to listen 2 stories. A/B testing helps refine ur story n lets user tell u which story is best.
  • leximaven Old way: Measure twice, cut once. New way: Measure twice, cut fast.
  • shwen More resources: Juice Analytics; Information Esthetics, TagCloud.com, blog.visiblemeasure.com
  • shwen Free tools/resources/blogs: Occam's Razor - http://is.gd/6rs ; gAnalytics Qualification (GAIQ course); AtlasSolutions.com; @HubSpot
  • MITX @schneidermike notes Twitter is a good source for true feedback, retweeting is one of the most powerful measures
  • shwen Pay attn to what people DO, not just what they SAY. eg: Ppl remix, mashup, upload, n copy a brand ad. Online vid is contact sport!
  • EricSchoenfeld Matt Cutler - Shoot for just in time analytics, not just in case analytics
  • shwen There's a big jump from measurement to optimization - it's doing something with that data to make things better!from
  • leximaven It's not just about conversion. Brand awareness is just as vital (& measureable).
  • shwen: Key objective is to look at how to measure all the diff channels that we have these days. Cannot measure in silo's anymore...


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