What’s Cooking@ISITE Design

Posted by Kiki Mills on Mon, Jun 15, 2009

What's Cooking @ISITE Design - Getting the pulse from the people and companies that make up the digital community in Massachusetts. Meet ISITE Design.

ISITE Design has served as interactive agency partner to cool brands like Zipcar, MTV and Harmonix/Rock Band 2. They publish their company newsletter, ISITE Insight, every full moon (seriously). Oh, and they are hiring!

I was with David Aponovich yesterday talking about what's cooking at ISITE Design. Full service interactive agency: strategy and planning, user experience and design, technical development and deployment, measurement and optimization. Offices in Cambridge, Portland, Oregon and Dallas, MITX Interactive Awards winner three years running. David, a Web Content Management (CMS) Strategist, filled me in on some of the projects they are working on and what they are seeing in marketplace.

The good news: They are extremely excited about 2009. Spending on interactive is up and specifically they are seeing raised levels of activity in healthcare, higher education and growth in pockets of large corporations. And even better, Boston is a huge driver of ISITE's national growth. New local clients include Virgin Money, Harvard Business School and City of Cambridge. Some trends they are seeing:

1. Leave SuperSizing to McDonald's.
Many companies both large and small fell victim to over-buying & over-building their technology platforms. It's now about right-sizing. There are a lot more marketing-centric, cost-effective, flexible tools and technologies out there to consider. Web content management in one of these. ISITE's CMS brain trust publishes a solid resource - The CMS Myth blog, www.cmsmyth.com.

2. It's about commitment, honey.
Companies are looking beyond project work and starting to think about multi-year strategies to align with how they are evolving on the web. This shift means clients are asking for integrated projects along the lines of, "oHelp us figure out our strategic web plan for the next 2-3 years and help us execute it," rather than "oDesign us a new website." Interactive budgets are up, and they continue to be allocated.

3. Measurement is the holy grail.
We know the famous line, "oData is the new creative." No surprise, but there's a huge shift by interactive marketers realizing it takes two steps: first, run the data to understand what's happening on your website and second, make tactical decisions to optimize web experiences, increase conversions, etc. The bigger issue is that most companies are grappling with how to actually put these numbers into action. Engineers' mantra is always right - "oIt's all about the math."

Oh and back to a very important point - they are hiring: Director of Web Analytics, ASP .NET Developer, Senior Account Manager and Project Manager. Their recipe is solid.