The New Mullen

Posted by Kiki Mills on Wed, Jun 24, 2009

I imagine most of us have experienced a move from the city to the burbs or vice versa. We instantly feel or see a change. A sigh of relief, a burst of energy, an OMG – I just gained an hour of my life back! After more than 20 years of living in the North Shore, we welcome a new energy in Boston (and really IN Boston). Welcome to the new Mullen.

I went to Mullen's Friends Opening this past Thursday and it was a real treat to see the excitement and energy of a new beginning. Yes, advertising is running with the bulls and getting butted in the process, and no fun that sectors like financial services, automotive and retail are buzz kills for business – but there's nothing like a new beginning in whatever form it takes to fuel inspiration and determination.

Here's a sneak peak into their offices. The chaperoned, but unofficial tour.

Three floors, cool open air/glass office round the perimeter design. A far cry from the Mullen mansion of the north (although green grass, beautiful trees and nearby fried seafood on the water are pretty solid trumpers).

I spoke with Edward Boches, Chief Creative Officer and now Chief Social Media Officer as well. (Twitter handle: @edwardboches). He talked about Mullen's transformation from a traditional shop to predominantly digital - two years ago, 20% of their business was digital and 80% traditional. Now that has turned on its head and nearly 80% is digital in some form. As dollars continue to flow into digital channels, the change of their business is indicative of the ongoing change in our industry. And they are embracing the opportunity.

Congrats on the move, Joe and everyone at Mullen. We are excited to see a new face in the hood.