Reflection Time on the MITX Awards

Posted by Jessica Winston on Thu, Nov 19, 2009

We should likely be one of the first to blog about the Awards - but when you mix sheer thrill, relief, exhaustion and mental overload together - you get writers block for a few days.

I was so proud to see such a dynamic, vibrant group of people, and over 1,100 in the house. If you told me last year that our 2009 show would be even bigger, I would not have fully believed you given the economic conditions we were walking into. What is most important about this is that reinforces the power of the digital community and the important work being done here in Massachusetts. Good news is that it only continues to grow.

But enough pontificating, my after party thoughts:

Mega Creative

A HUGE shout out to Viewpoint Creative. They developed all the show multimedia from the opening video to the category vignettes. They have been a marketing powerhouse for entertainment & lifestyle brands and have been expanding their digital capabilities. Keep an eye on them.


MITX Gamer Magazine

iBeam Interactive – Peter Rosati and our master designer PJ Moore of Delin Design. Perhaps a publishing conglomerate is on our future.

A stand up guyJeff Caldwell

Our whitty host - Jeff Caldwell rocked as usual. There’s nothing better than a dry sense of humor. And sorry, Google, for the key chain slam. I really like it and am already using it!

Oh the videos

Mullen, iMarc, ISITE, BigBad, Weymouth, Allen & Gerritsen (nice live acting by the way), Sapient and Genuine Interactive– great fun! We'll try to get these posted soon for you all to enjoy...

Great coverage

Thanks to all of YOU for tweeting, blogging and writing about us. You make our efforts worth it! A few here (and happy to add more for those who blogged):

Mass High Tech, Xconomy, Innovation Economy, Hill Holiday, BostInnovation, InternetTech Boston. And really cool when you make a Hollywood Blog

And on a more serious note, a few trends we saw with this year’s awards:

  • Social functionality is now showing up in the most mundane applications reinforcing the notion that marketers of every stripe recognize that the days of the one-way conversation are over. Two great examples from our winners: Mullen’s Will It Blend? And Overdrive’s Harley-Davidson 2010 Motorcycles Mosaic
  • Video and other rich media are also an increasingly large component of many sites large and small (supporting this week’s Brightcove announcement of their lower cost Express solution). Our winner Genuine Interactive continues to score in great use of video with 3DVIA
  • Campaigns have matured in that they are much more user/ use-case driven than in the past. The application of analytics is still in its early stages however. We're more likely to see analytics framing the creative -- focusing campaigns on critical behaviors to influence, shaping what the costs and execution have to be to justify themselves in the face of the likely numbers.
  • There is an increasing willingness of companies to experiment and include these technologies, particularly with tech now so much affordable, it's easy to work a variety of things into a campaign.

So thanks to our sponsors, contributors, judges, volunteers and our great members.

You inspire us.

See you next year for the 15th!


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