Engaging Users on the Mobile Experiential Path

Posted by Taylor Haney on Tue, May 20, 2014

Another great mobile post for our May guest blog theme! Tushneem Dharmagadda, CEO and Founder of Mobinett Interactive shares a post with us about the mobile experiential path and how to best engage users along the way.

tushneemTushneem is the CEO and Founder of Mobinett Interactive. Tushneem has over 10 years of experience in software product development and processes. Prior to Mobinett, as a lead member of a key R&D group at Analog Devices (ADI), he invented a patented methodology for a software that saves millions in wireless semi-conductor design resources. He was awarded the "More Than Silicon Award" by the CTO for innovation that enhanced ADI's product value for customers. Tushneem also serves on the Boards of several non-profits in the New-England region. He has an MBA from the Northeastern University High-Tech MBA program, a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Arizona and a BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering from RVCE, Bangalore University.

As discussed in our last blog post, no one can deny the fact that mobile apps are the way to go. By 2016, there will be 44 billion mobile app downloads from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and other stores combined. Since a typical user has only about 41 Apps installed, how do you make your Apps stand out, capture timeshare from users, and engage them at the right moment with the right tactic?

The answer is a personalized engagement along the experiential path. Right after the user downloads your App, don’t bore them with the usual content. While content, product catalogs, etc. are important, personalizing the information and presenting it at the right time, in an entertaining way, is much more effective.

The infograph below shows some sample tactics and how they are triggered. When the user is not near any of your physical locations, entertain them with tactics such as gamification (rewards for exploring, sharing), quizzes (on your products and other offerings) and more. As users approach your physical locations, which can be detected using geo-fencing, show interesting content like fun things to do, coupons or your daily promotion.

As users enter your location, detect their exact location using iBeacons and trigger various experiences, like scavenger hunts using Augmented Reality, product information/videos, and more. Lastly, after users exit your location, trigger a feedback survey and give away coupons for a future visit. All this interaction can be powered by our hubEngage platform! Learn more at www.hubengage.com.

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