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Who is MITX, anyway?

The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) — is the community of restless companies and individuals that drive our region's tech and innovation eco-system. MITX is the ultimate resource: inspiring members with progressive thinking, meaningful connections, and provocative conversations.

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How to Take Advantage of Networking Events

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A couple weeks ago was our Talent and Career Development Summit. The event brought together professionals from across industries and fields to talk about leadership, culture, and the workplace. Monica Faberman, an attendee, shares her experience.  

Your Next Best Move Could Be a Hammock

Christian Habermann

Here is another insightful post for our company culture theme. Christian Habermann, Founder of Auctus Marketing takes a look at how companies express their culture and various trends within the space.

Christian Habermann is the founder of Auctus Marketing and is a leader and innovator in the online marketing & SEO world. He lives and works in Boston where he is very involved in the start up scene. He loves to help companies of all sizes, from big Fortune 1000 companies to start ups, embrace the online marketing world and help to grow their business. He is the author of "SEO for 2014" and holds and MBA in marketing from Vanderbilt.

Well, you definitely don’t hear that every day right? But since the weather is getting nice and it’s almost summer, hang with me.

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"You Are Not Your Job … You Are Not Your F***Ing Khakis."

Eric Tabone

Another great post for our Company Culture theme this month from Eric Tabone, Manager, Staffing Partner at SapientNitro. Eric takes a look at the roots of a great company culture and how to find the perfect fit for you. Interested in guest blogging? E-mail taylor [at] mitx [dot] org.

In his mind, Eric Tabone is a billionaire tycoon who just works for fun. In reality, he’s a resource manager for creative talent at SapientNitro in Boston, with deep experience in project and organizational management. Having worked as Employee #3 in a previous life, Employee #90020 in his current, and a few others in between, he’s keenly interested in culture and operations at scale, the tensions in between, and how we can improve upon it all. He is constantly torn between his opposing desires to organize and to creatively break it all apart.

The article title is a quote from the movie Fight Club, arguably the most appropriate citation when analyzing capitalist organizations, second only to Jack Welch or Who Moved My Cheese?. The story is actually an interesting case study on how culture manifests within an organization – and the startling revelation of how much of our health and wellbeing lies in the hands of waiters – and makes for an apt parallel in the way we treat it, often as a kind of elephant in the room, where we quietly nod at each other in the halls, as if to say “great fight last night, your nose is looking much better, and also what’s up with the new corporate vacation policy?”.

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Re-inventing the Company Culture Wheel

Dan Adams

This month we are sharing a few guest blog posts about company culture. In this post, Dan Adams, CEO of New England Network Solutions (NENS) explains the process of re-inventing their company culture and the overall outcomes.

Dan Adams, CEO of New England Network Solutions (NENS), is a southern California native turned New England transplant. Dan is a serial entrepreneur who ran his first retail operation at the age of 14. A Berkley School of Music graduate makes him a musician - gone techie - gone business owner who cannot go a day without appreciating all the meticulous patterns that life unfolds. @4NENS

We boast about providing IT services to the Boston area for over 20 years, but looking back I wasn’t always as proud. For years our culture was undefined and weak, though everything was business as usual. Most days it felt like I was living Groundhog Day.

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With Content Calendars, Conserve Energy & Work Smarter, Not Harder: Choose a Hybrid Model

CK headshot

As we move into the last week of our social media theme we have a few more excellent posts that we want to share with you. Today we have a guest blog by Christina Kelleher, Social Media Strategist at Genuine Interactive. Christina dives into community management and how hybrid strategies are proving successful. 

Christina Kelleher (@chkelleher) is a Social Media Strategist at Genuine Interactive in the South End where she works on strategy, content and execution of digital and social media campaigns with a mixture of CPG, financial services, education and healthcare clients. Previous to Genuine Interactive, she worked on the client side managing social media for PUMA.

In their most simplistic form, social networks exist to help users connect, create and communicate, whether that need is to convey quick thoughts, post fun videos or share pictures that highlight everything from dinner to baby’s first steps. In order for brands to be successful, they have to adapt to the environment – not the other way around. They have to make sense, mixing in with milestone moments, or a fan’s eyes will glaze over.

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The MITX Community is #BostonStrong


Monday's events touched the entire city of Boston but our MITX community as well. Today we received the below note from Jeff Freedman of Small Army sharing the news with us of a fellow MITX member. We wanted to pass it along to the rest of the community so we could join together in support. Please share your well wishes on the blog as Christian and Caroline move forward in their recovery. You may also donate to their recovery fund here. Together we are all #BostonStrong.

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Write for the MITX Blog! Share your Expertise on Our Favorite Industry Topics.

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We want YOU to write for the MITX blog! We want to feature our rock star members, and their points of view, on the most discussed and questioned industry topics. Writing for our blog is a members only benefit and one we hope everyone takes advantage of. Who better to educate our readers than some of our very own?

Have a Piece of the Interactive Awards Farm

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When you're part of a CSA, you get more than just vegetables. You get BETTER vegetables. You know who grows them and where they came from. In fact, you might get to work on the farm as part of your share. Because having a farm share means you're part of the farm. You have to do a little bit more to get your vegetables (drive to a farm!), but you end up with better vegetables, and your supermarket-shopper friends are definitely jealous. But the best part of it all is this: you get to be part of a community.

MITX Looks Ahead Towards Future Growth and Success


Nine Industry Leaders Join Board of Directors

Today MITX named nine new members to our Board of Directors, an esteemed group of marketing visionaries, accomplished entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

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Calling all MITX members - we want you to write for our blog!

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Are you a MITX member? Are you a writer? Do you know some stuff about some stuff? WELL! Have we got an opportunity for you.

You may have noticed that  each month we feature an interesting, awesome, and topical series on the blog. You may also have noticed that every one of those posts is guest-written by a MITX member. Well, there are lots more months, and lots more topics, and we want you to get involved! Check out the upcoming series below, and write to Kate ( to let her know you're interested - and to find out more.

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