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The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) — is the community of restless companies and individuals that drive our region's tech and innovation eco-system. MITX is the ultimate resource: inspiring members with progressive thinking, meaningful connections, and provocative conversations.

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6 Things Your Content Strategy Can Learn From BuzzFeed

Molly Delaney

To continue with our theme this month we have another excellent post from our friends at HB! In this blog Molly Delaney, Senior Account Executive at HB Agency gives some awesome tips on how to incorporate BuzzFeed-like strategies into your content.

Working in a variety of markets including medical imaging, clinical trial solutions, CRM, cloud computing, education solutions, and clean technology, Molly helps her clients at HB create thoughtful and strategic stories. In addition to her PR experience, Molly has a background in business-to-consumer sales, marketing and promotion, including an internship with snack company, Pirate Brands. Molly graduated from Bentley University in 2011 with a BS in Marketing. Follow her on Twitter @molly_delaney

There’s no denying the fact that BuzzFeed knows how to create content magic. Whether or not you’ve embraced the GIF-heavy, cat-meme site or not, there’s something you can learn from the BuzzFeed model.

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The Top 5 Things You Won’t Learn in this Article

Chuck Tanowitz

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July! We are back in action here and have another guest blog post to share with you by Chuck Tanowitz, VP of PR and Editorial Strategy at HB Agency. Chuck takes a look at new trends in creating socially shareable content.

Chuck Tanowitz is a VP of PR and Editorial Strategy at HB Agency. Chuck’s clients rely on his expertise to help set strategy that combines content, social and media to reach customers, partners, investors and prospects. His clients include technology and manufacturing companies of all sizes and directions, from major manufacturing companies like Heidelberg, the printing giant, to B to B technology companies such as RedPoint Global, to consumer-facing startups like CoupFlip. Along the way he has worked with cloud computing, IT security, document management, content management, open source, energy and food products.

The shareability of content in the social world has everyone reeling. When the New York Times took a hard look at its own digital properties, the editors quickly realized that the homepage is dying and the social channels are soaring.

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The Click Is Dead

Nancy Liberman

A great contribution to our blog from Dailybreak Media. Nancy Liberman, Chief Marketing Officer at Dailybreak Media discusses the idea that it's not the clicks that should be measured but the time a customer spends interacting with brands and campaigns. Interested in guest blogging? E-mail taylor [at] mitx [dot] org.

Nancy Liberman is chief marketing officer for Dailybreak Media. She has extensive experience in branding, corporate identity and awareness initiatives, marketing communications, demand generation and sales support efforts, and budget management. Follow Dailybreak Media on Twitter @DailybreakMedia, or follow Nancy @nancy02129.

"Let us prove to the world that good taste, good art, good writing can be good selling." Those are the words of William Bernbach, a pioneer in the formative years of advertising agencies and a founder of the agency responsible for the memorable Volkswagen campaigns of the 1960s.

Content Curation Metrics that Matter

Pawan Deshpande

Continuing with our April Data & Analytics theme we have a post from Pawan Deshpande, Founder and CEO of Curata. Pawan highlights the key metrics that matter in terms of content curation and why. Interested in guest blogging? E-mail taylor [at] mitx [dot] org.

Pawan Deshpande is the founder and CEO of Curata. Pawan is responsible for the company's vision, management and advanced development initiatives. His work at Curata has been recognized through the 2010 Boston Business Journal's 40 under 40 Award, and through the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council's 2012 Sales & Marketing Technology of the Year Award. Pawan has held software engineering positions at Microsoft, Google and other startups where he was awarded patents in social networking and machine transliteration areas. Twitter: @TweetsFromPawan

Most content marketers rely on analytics such as page traffic, visitors, and shares - the same metrics they’d use for any other online marketing campaign. But content curation is a little different. It leverages third-party content from other sources, so audience behavior is not the same as a run-of-the-mill online marketing campaign that focuses on a brand’s voice.

The Bond Between eCommerce Catalog Consistency and the Customer Experience

Rob Gartmayer Headshot

Wrapping up our November e-commerce theme with a post from Rob Gartmayer, Marketing Program Manager at Zmags. Rob discusses the importance of having consistent content and experiences across your e-commerce channels. MITX members, we are always looking for new guest bloggers, e-mail taylor [at] mitx [dot] org for more details.

Rob Gartmayer (@robgartmayer) is an experienced digital marketer who is well versed in the current trends and best practices across a multitude of marketing channels. He is currently a Marketing Programs Manager at Zmags and is focused on website optimization, paid and organic search as well as being a key contributor to their content marketing program. He has held marketing roles at Zoom Information, Ride-Away and bGG Advertising. Rob is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University where he received his undergraduate degree and MBA in Marketing. 

98% of people move between devices within the same day when actively looking to make an online purchase. Having inconsistencies in your eCommerce enabled catalogs could deter the user from continuing their online shopping experience, and make them think twice about going back to your site to shop. Far too many retailers have inconsistent behaviors from one channel to the next, and most of them don’t know how to fix it.

Write for the MITX Blog! Share your Expertise on Our Favorite Industry Topics.

blog resized 600

We want YOU to write for the MITX blog! We want to feature our rock star members, and their points of view, on the most discussed and questioned industry topics. Writing for our blog is a members only benefit and one we hope everyone takes advantage of. Who better to educate our readers than some of our very own?

2013: Big Marketing Challenges

seth lieberman

This is the time of year when we reflect on the past, and look to the future. Through the end of January 2013 (2013!) we'll be sharing guest blog posts our the annual Predictions & Reflections series. We asked some of our smartest guest writers to reflect on the past year and look to the upcoming year. This post is by Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp. Seth has more than 15 years of online marketing experience. When he is not immersed in social media marketing, you can find him at home in Brookline with his young family or indulging in one of his many hobbies, from gardening to photography to music to woodworking. You can reach Seth at @sethwlieberman or slieberman at 

Usefulness Takes the Throne: How "Content is King" is Growing Up

Harvey Simmons HeadShot resized 600

This post is part of the September blog series. With FutureM coming in October (do you have your pass yet?!), we're thinking a lot about marketers and consumers, and this series reflects that. We asked our writers to answer this question: "what is it going to take for marketers to catch up to consumers?" We'll be sharing several posts each week of the month. Stay tuned for diverse viewpoints and creative answers to this question. This post is by Harvey Simmons. Harvey is Dean of Marketing Affairs atEverTrue, a TechStars and MassChallenge startup that is dedicated to providing school fundraisers better data by connecting traditional alumni CRMS to the social graph. Harvey is a proud  Boston College Alum, and is wild about running, college basketball and everything mobile. You can reach Harvey at @HOSimmons4 or at harvey at 

"Content is King" is every day more cliché. The popular saying seems to take real estate in nearly every presentation on digital marketing. Just as marketers witnessed Web 1.0, 2.0 and are currently experiencing 3.0 with the advent of mobile, it is helpful for marketers to consider where the theory behind the popular saying may be evolving too.

Buyers today are much more than victims to the once-almighty ad dollar; we are no longer gatherers, but instead we are hunters. We have tools like Yelp to help us find the best coffee shop in town and Amazon to help us decide what are the best headphones are for our next run. When we want to make a purchase we either have the tools to make us better at it or are looking for them. Although marketers cannot control all of these conversations, they can contribute by providing their own tools that extend beyond their content of thought leadership.

The Keys to Community Engagement - A @MITX Event Recap


When your customers have provided over 60 million reviews on your site, understanding who they are and successfully engaging them is critically important to your business’s success.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Technology to Help Solve

Ali blog photo resized 600

This post is part of our February blog series. We asked several thought leaders to respond to this question: "What technology do you love most?" Stay tuned for more posts in this series, and for the upcoming March series on UX/design. This post is by Ali Robbins Hyatt. Ali is a manager on the growth and innovation team at Avery Dennison and a past member of the MITX Future Leaders Group. Find her on Twitter!.

I will admit it – I can be overly analytical when making a simple decision. If I am in a new city and want to maximize my dining experience for the night, I will consult not one, but countless apps and websites to make my final decision. Eater and Grub Street are professional sites that relay the newest restaurants from the trusted opinions of food writers. Chowhound’s community of foodies gives me a perspective on which of the city’s top restaurants cannot be missed. The Yelp app gives me the latest reviews so I can check if a restaurant has recently gone downhill. The Menupages app shows me the menu so I can... well, you get the point!

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