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The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) — the leading association and voice of the internet business & marketing industry. MITX is about all things digital, about what is next for the web and how it impacts the marketing and business worlds. We are passionate about creating opportunities for individuals and businesses to connect, grow and thrive. And we are committed to showcasing the ideas, the innovations, and the contributions that are fueling a thriving and integral industry in New England and throughout the world. Our mission is to capture and convey the essence of what our industry is doing, and to challenge us all to think differently, think big about what is next, because what is next is here.

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"You Are Not Your Job … You Are Not Your F***Ing Khakis."

Eric Tabone

Another great post for our Company Culture theme this month from Eric Tabone, Manager, Staffing Partner at SapientNitro. Eric takes a look at the roots of a great company culture and how to find the perfect fit for you. Interested in guest blogging? E-mail taylor [at] mitx [dot] org.

In his mind, Eric Tabone is a billionaire tycoon who just works for fun. In reality, he’s a resource manager for creative talent at SapientNitro in Boston, with deep experience in project and organizational management. Having worked as Employee #3 in a previous life, Employee #90020 in his current, and a few others in between, he’s keenly interested in culture and operations at scale, the tensions in between, and how we can improve upon it all. He is constantly torn between his opposing desires to organize and to creatively break it all apart.

The article title is a quote from the movie Fight Club, arguably the most appropriate citation when analyzing capitalist organizations, second only to Jack Welch or Who Moved My Cheese?. The story is actually an interesting case study on how culture manifests within an organization – and the startling revelation of how much of our health and wellbeing lies in the hands of waiters – and makes for an apt parallel in the way we treat it, often as a kind of elephant in the room, where we quietly nod at each other in the halls, as if to say “great fight last night, your nose is looking much better, and also what’s up with the new corporate vacation policy?”.

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Re-inventing the Company Culture Wheel

Dan Adams

This month we are sharing a few guest blog posts about company culture. In this post, Dan Adams, CEO of New England Network Solutions (NENS) explains the process of re-inventing their company culture and the overall outcomes.

Dan Adams, CEO of New England Network Solutions (NENS), is a southern California native turned New England transplant. Dan is a serial entrepreneur who ran his first retail operation at the age of 14. A Berkley School of Music graduate makes him a musician - gone techie - gone business owner who cannot go a day without appreciating all the meticulous patterns that life unfolds. @4NENS

We boast about providing IT services to the Boston area for over 20 years, but looking back I wasn’t always as proud. For years our culture was undefined and weak, though everything was business as usual. Most days it felt like I was living Groundhog Day.

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The Resurgence of SEO Data Science via Google’s Search Analytics Tool

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Another insightful Data & Analytics themed blog post to share with you today. Our 2015 MITX Data Summit Advisory board has contributed some fantastic posts to give you a taste of the exciting content that will be discussed at this year's Summit on June 23rd. Interested in attending? Register here. This guest blog post is written by Marc Choquette, Digital Media Analyst at Genuine Interactive.

Marc Choquette has more than six years experience working in SEO and web analytics on both the client and agency side. He is a 2008 graduate of Pepperdine University and is currently a digital media analyst at Genuine Interactive in Boston’s South End.

It may be hard to believe, but we’re approaching 20 years of search engines playing a central role in our online lives. And since the advent of the earliest search engines, the effort to optimize websites for optimal visibility within those search engines has existed — a practice known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

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BI and the (un)necessity of now

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Another fantastic Data & Analytics themed blog post to share with you today. Our 2015 MITX Data Summit Advisory board has contributed some fantastic posts to give you a taste of the exciting content that will be discussed at this year's Summit on June 23rd. Interested in attending? Register here. This guest blog post is written by David Drollette, Sr. Director, Analytics at Wayfair.

David Drollette is the Senior Director of Analytics at Boston e-commerce retailer Wayfair, overseeing Business Intelligence and Data Science functions. David joined Wayfair in January 2006, working in various finance positions before pivoting to a leadership role within analytics. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Physics from Ithaca College.

I can almost hear the lighting of torches and gathering of pitchforks as I utter the phrase "Real time is not right for you." I know, I know. Real time is buzzy. Real time is exciting. Real time is what you need to have in order to call yourself "cutting edge." The rest is just batch, and batch is boring. I come here in full agreement of the value inherent in real time, but also bring caution from witnessing the paralysis incomplete or ineffective real time BI can bring. Let's discuss the building blocks of real time and the steps necessary for a successful deployment that adds value.

Hug Your Competitor!

Anita Brearton

As we are in the process of building our 2015 FutureM schedule we wanted to start giving you some insight into exactly what you will be seeing at this year's event. FutureM session moderator, Anita Brearton, CEO and Co-founder of CabinetM, explores the future of marketing and learning from the competition in this new blog post. Don't miss Anita's session, "Managing the Complexity of Today’s Digital Marketing Mix" at FutureM 2015. Register today! 

Anita Brearton is an experienced high technology start-up executive, skilled at addressing the strategic operational and marketing challenges faced by high growth, early stage businesses. She is the co-founder and CEO of CabinetM, a discovery platform for the marketing industry that is changing how marketers and marketing technology companies connect. Anita is a member of Golden Seeds and Launchpad Venture Group, and serves as the Vice Chair of Mass Ventures.

The future of marketing is being shaped by a new breed of marketer, who is modernizing traditional acquisition tactics by adopting purpose-built technologies to keep up with increasingly tech-savvy consumers. Marketing technology is moving fast to keep pace in a mobile-first digital world where people live, work, play, shop, learn and socialize online. These technologies integrate, automate, test, measure and optimize, helping identify and reach highly targeted, qualified consumers for products and services, strengthen brand awareness, and boost revenue. There are thousands of tools out there competing for marketing dollars, with new ones coming out every week.

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A 360 View of Viewability: We All Have a Stake

Kim Riedell

Weren't able to attend our Bots and Booze event last month or interested in learning more about the topic? Well, you're in luck! Check out this fantastic blog post from one of our viewability speakers Kim Riedell, SVP of Product & Marketing at Digilant. 

For over 20 years Kim has been leading teams that create innovative solutions for the ad tech industry. She enjoys navigating the wild world of product management to develop industry leading technology platforms. Prior to joining Digilant’s executive team, Kim ran business operations, marketing and client account management at Rakuten Loyalty. Kim has also held executive roles at Valassis, where she built omnichannel solutions for advertisers, and at Commission Junction, a Conversant Company, where she was responsible for advertiser and publisher relationships, and business operations in the US. Early in her career Kim held marketing and business development positions at Student Advantage, Lightbridge, Inc., and MCI Worldcom. Presently, Kim serves on the Board of Directors for Simmons School of Management.

In the world of digital advertising it is hard to go a day without hearing or reading about the industry’s viewability issue. From new guidelines, to new studies, to announcements from advertisers’ that won’t settle or pay for less than 100 percent viewability. But what does 100 percent viewability mean, how do we get there, and what happens when we do?

A Shift in Mindset for Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Katelyn Stokes

Fantastic guest blog to share this week from Katelyn Stokes, Marketing Manager at AMP Agency. Katelyn gives some great insight on new product marketing strategy. Interested in guest blogging? E-mail taylor [at] mitx [dot] org.

Katelyn Stokes is an integrated marketing manager at AMP Agency and an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Boston University. She began her career in the bright lights of New York City at a large ad agency in the account services department. When returning to Boston, she joined AMP Agency as a Marketing Manager. In this role, she is responsible for developing the agency brand and helping grow the business through strategic storytelling.

Every year, some 50,000 new products are introduced. But shoppers are often driven by habit, repeatedly buying the same items for most of their household needs. It’s no wonder that, according to Booz & Co., some 66 percent of new products fail within two years of their introduction. So what’s a marketer to do to help consumers cut through the new product clutter?

What’s Artful and Scientific About Data?

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Excited to share some Data & Analytics themed blog posts with you in the coming weeks. Our 2015 MITX Data Summit Advisory board has contributed some fantastic posts to give you a taste of the exciting content that will be discussed at this year's Summit on June 23rd. Interested in attending? Register here. This guest blog post is written by Judah Philips, Author, "Building a Digital Analytics Organization".

Judah Phillips, CEO and Founder of SmartCurrent, helps people improve their analytics in order to identify and take advantage of the business opportunities that significantly impact results, achieve goals, and create value. He helps companies find innovative ways to use data and analytics to improve efficiency, increase revenue, reduce cost, and boost profitability. Judah specializes in strategic reviews and the resulting work required for enhancing the effectiveness of your business. Phillips has built and managed business and digital analytics teams for global companies worldwide during the last 17 years.

In June you can join the MITX community at our 2015 Data Summit to discuss and learn about the “art and science of data.” But what does that really mean: “art and science?” I hear it all the time. I’ve even used the phrase. While I’ve always liked that phrase for describing analytics, it’s a phrase worth elaborating. So in this blog post, I’m going to unpack this oft-heard phrase and give you my interpretation related to some of the artful and scientific elements of data and analytics.

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Crumbling Cookies & Mending Walls

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Excited to share some Data & Analytics themed blog posts with you in the coming weeks. Our 2015 MITX Data Summit Advisory board has contributed some fantastic posts to give you a taste of the exciting content that will be discussed at this year's Summit on June 23rd. Interested in attending? Register here. This guest blog post is written by Victor Davidson, VP Group Account Director, Marketing Analytics at Havas Media.

Victor is the analytics lead for several of Havas Media's clients. As part of this, he manages big data, ad tech and attribution consulting for his clients. One of his greatest achievements was the implementation of a new KPI which helped deliver a 50% increase in ROI. He joined Havas Media from Lightspeed Research (a WPP company) where he was a Senior Research Manager of Behavioral Research. He comes with over 10 years of analytics and client service experience with companies like Forrester and Catalina Marketing. Victor has worked across a number of verticals including financial services, travel and CPG.

“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall” – Robert Frost

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Don’t Just Set It and Forget It: Successful Mobile Marketing Depends on Optimizing Media Channels

Kathy Pattison

Excited to share another mobile guest blog post with you. This post, written by Kathy Pattison, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Fiksu discusses the important role media plays in all mobile marketing strategies.

In her role as Senior Vice President of Marketing at Fiksu, Kathy is responsible for driving thought leadership and market expansion in the mobile ad tech space, overseeing communications, branding, product marketing, and marketing program functions. Her years of experience in the high-growth stages of companies have proven invaluable, both in guiding Fiksu to its current position as an industry leader and shaping the company’s growth in the years to come.

If there’s one constant of mobile marketing, it’s that there are no constants. Take, for instance, paid media channels. There's a seemingly endless and constantly growing array of them, and because of the mercurial preferences of mobile’s millions of users, the effectiveness of any individual traffic source in bringing in the right audience changes frequently. A reliable option today might prove unproductive tomorrow. And so for marketers, the problem lies not only in identifying the right source at the onset of a campaign, but in pinpointing when the inevitable falloff happens.

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