MITX Talent & Career Development Summit


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February 9, 2016

8:30 AM

Registration, Coffee & Networking

8:45 AM - 9:00 AM

Welcome Remarks

Amy Quigley, President, MITX (@amyquigley)

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Culture as a Multiplier
Culture Transformation for Growth in the Digital Age

What is it that makes successful digital organizations so successful? While technology and customer experience are critical, the real secret sauce often comes down to culture. That's at the core of what enables these companies to deliver rapid results and sustain long-term performance. What is different about the culture of these high performing companies? McKinsey's Ido Segev will share insights from the firm's proprietary Digital Quotient (DQ) program that identifies and measures the performance of those elements of a company that drive value, with a focus on the key ingredients to driving a culture of digital success within your organization.

Ido Segev, Partner, McKinsey & Company

9:45 AM - 10:15 AM

Building a Great Company

In 2002, Steve Conine and Niraj Shah founded Wayfair on a shoestring budget in a spare bedroom of Steve's house. What would grow to become the largest eCommerce destination for home furnishings and décor started with just one single website and soon grew to more than 250 standalone sites selling everything from barstools to birdhouses. In 2011, Steve and Niraj took a giant leap and moved all of their eCommerce sites into one mega destination for the home and named it Wayfair.

Since its founding, Wayfair has grown from two to 2,000 employees, and from zero to $2 billion in revenue. Wayfair's founders know how to create a winning corporate culture at various sizes and stages of growth. The proof? It has been named one of America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes Magazine and selected by the Boston Business Journal and as a Top Company to Work For and Top Company for Well Balanced Life. In this session, Steve Conine will discuss the importance of having an intentional, inclusive culture no matter your size, and the role of mission, vision, and purpose.

Steve Conine, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman, Wayfair

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Building Great Teams

A panel of senior leaders discussing what makes a great team: How do you assemble the right team? How do you task them to achieve? How do you ensure the best results? And more!

Katie Burke, VP Culture & Experience, HubSpot
Trish Cotter, Assistant Managing Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship 
Sherri Kottman, Director & Principal Business Partner, Forrester Research

Tim Riley
, SVP Global Talent Management, Iron Mountain 
Moderator: Eric Crews, Founder & CEO, Crews Coaching Group 

11:15 AM - 11:45 AM

Building Your Greatest Self

In this session, you'll hear the value of self-awareness, and help you identify ways to improve as a leader.

Emily Green, Independent Board Director & Advisor
Jessica Knapp, AVP & Director of Selection & Assessment, Liberty Mutual

11:45 AM - 1:30 PM

Lunch & Discussion Groups

Over lunch, experts will facilitate an exchange of information and ideas between participants in small groups. This is your chance for unconventionally structured discussions with like-minded peers.

Topics may include:

  • Group 1: Crossing your T's & Dotting your I's: The legal realities of creating a fair, flexible, and innovative work environment __Facilitator: David Bowman, Partner, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, LLP
  • Group 2 & 3: Create a toolkit for advancement for yourself or others, i.e. How do you build a cabinet of advisors and mentors? What articles or resources do you use most? What networking groups do you attend? And more! __ Facilitators: Sydney Atkins Mason, Investment Advisor, Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Jennifer Hayes, President, Dalton HR Solutions
  • Group 4: Happy employees = happy customers. But what makes your employees happy? What are their dreams? What is their purpose? This group will go through an interactive “dream session,” which includes a discussion on how companies can achieve remarkable results by helping employees fulfill their dreams, fostering employee happiness and engagement __ Facilitator: Gabriela McManus, Director of Learning & Development,
  • Group 5: How can innovation and legacy culture coexist? __ Facilitator: Andy Miller, Chief Innovation Architect., Constant Contact
  • Group 6: What's life like working at a startup? Topics include: flexible working environment, vacation policies, risks, long hours, attracting top talent without a large payroll budget, various pay structures, i.e. options /shares, etc. __ Facilitator: Brin Chartier, Marketing Manager, Tablelist & MITX FLG Class of 2015
  • Group 7: Unique challenges for women in tech __ Facilitator: Emily Green, Independent Board Director & Advisor
  • Group 8: How to win the talent war in 2016 __ Facilitator: Keith Cline, Founder, VentureFizz

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Breakout 1:

Leadership Development Workshop

For emerging leaders transitioning from individual contributor to leader, this session will help you get ahead of the liabilities of new leaders, some of which include: interviewing, hiring for skills you don't have, and managing your friends. You may be asking questions like: What is management and what is leadership? How do you identify potential leaders within your team? How do you get results through other people? How do you develop other people’s career’s, finding what motivates them? This session will help hone your leadership skills by shifting your thinking from, “What are you doing for me today?” to “How can I better serve you to meet your goals?” 

Leader: Larry Israelite, Chief Learning Evangelist, Pluralsight 
Jessica Knapp, AVP & Director of Selection & Assessment, Liberty Mutual 
Ellie Mirman, VP Marketing, Toast


Breakout 2:
Challenges & Opportunities for Senior Leaders

Senior leadership has its own unique challenges, for example, change management and keeping up with the latest tactical skills, while also managing a team. This session will explore the challenges of the more seasoned leader, i.e. VP’s and Directors. 

Donna Levin, Co-Founder, VP, Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility & Global Workplace Solutions,
Stefania Mallett, Co-Founder & CEO, ezCater
Brad Rinklin, CMO, Akamai
Ann Webster, President, Aquent

Moderator: Jeff Janer, Chair, Vistage 

2:30 PM - 2:45 PM


2:45 PM - 3:15 PM

Millennial Myths
Generational Differences at Work: Fact or Fiction?

Stereotypes about generational differences in the workplace abound, and interventions for helping organizations and managers deal with these supposed differences are increasing. In this session, Dr. David Costanza, an Associate Professor of Organizational Sciences and Psychology and the Director of the Doctoral Program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the George Washington University, explores the myths surrounding Millennials, reviews the risks in using generations in organizational decisions, and makes recommendations for team and organizational leaders on how to proceed in this area.

Dr. David Costanza, Director, Doctoral Program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology; Associate Professor, Organizational Sciences and Psychology, George Washington University

3:15 PM - 3:45 PM

Giving Ahead: How to Be More Generous & More Successful

In today’s competitive world, we are on a constant quest to get ahead. As individuals, we keep an eye out for any edge that will help us land a coveted job or promotion. As organizations, we can be so protective of our trade secrets and competitive advantages that we sometimes hide them even from our own employees. But what if the things that drive success are not those that set us apart, but those that bring us together? A growing body of research shows that how we interact with others, whether colleagues and clients or family and friends, has a huge impact on what we are able to achieve. And to borrow from John F. Kennedy, the key is not in what others can do for us, but in what we can do for them. This talk shows that our instincts for self-preservation are (mostly) misplaced and explains why givers rise to the top in many workplaces and industries. But it also cautions that the road to doing good and doing well is not always smooth, as sometimes our desire to help can backfire. To become sustainably and productively generous, individuals need to learn how to become more smartly helpful and organizations need to create cultures and systems to support meaningful collaboration. 

Reb Rebele, Research Fellow, Wharton People Analytics Initiative, University of Pennsylvania 

3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

"Build Your Network" Reception

 Please check back often for updates. Schedule subject to change.