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Who is MITX, anyway?

The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) — the leading association and voice of the internet business & marketing industry. MITX is about all things digital, about what is next for the web and how it impacts the marketing and business worlds. We are passionate about creating opportunities for individuals and businesses to connect, grow and thrive. And we are committed to showcasing the ideas, the innovations, and the contributions that are fueling a thriving and integral industry in New England and throughout the world. Our mission is to capture and convey the essence of what our industry is doing, and to challenge us all to think differently, think big about what is next, because what is next is here.

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Content Curation Metrics that Matter

Pawan Deshpande

Continuing with our April Data & Analytics theme we have a post from Pawan Deshpande, Founder and CEO of Curata. Pawan highlights the key metrics that matter in terms of content curation and why. Interested in guest blogging? E-mail taylor [at] mitx [dot] org.

Pawan Deshpande is the founder and CEO of Curata. Pawan is responsible for the company's vision, management and advanced development initiatives. His work at Curata has been recognized through the 2010 Boston Business Journal's 40 under 40 Award, and through the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council's 2012 Sales & Marketing Technology of the Year Award. Pawan has held software engineering positions at Microsoft, Google and other startups where he was awarded patents in social networking and machine transliteration areas. Twitter: @TweetsFromPawan

Most content marketers rely on analytics such as page traffic, visitors, and shares - the same metrics they’d use for any other online marketing campaign. But content curation is a little different. It leverages third-party content from other sources, so audience behavior is not the same as a run-of-the-mill online marketing campaign that focuses on a brand’s voice.

Hack The Campus Bubble: A MITX Hackathon for Aspiring Marketers

Hussain Anum

On March 22nd, the MITX Future Leaders Group invited college students to form teams of 2-5 people and participate in an all-day hackathon to "experience the life of a startup entrepreneur." One of our fabulous FLGers, Anumn Hussain, Inbound Content Strategist at HubSpot, recaps this awesome event for us below.

Anum Hussain is an inbound marketing manager at HubSpot, working specifically on Signals, a new chrome extension for salespeople. Anum is also the director of marketing for MIST and lecturer at the Isenberg School of Management. She was recently honored at The White House as an emerging Muslim woman leader in business. You can connect with her @anum on Twitter.

40 students. 12 hours. 7 pitches. 6 mentors. 5 judges. 4 speakers.

These numbers accurately represent an exhilarating and exhausting day of connecting undergraduate students to the tech and marketing scene in Boston.

Truth is, marketing has changed. Marketing is still changing -- but the undergraduate classroom experience is not reflective of the transforming marketing landscape.

All the Data Things! How to Start with Marketing Automation and Metrics

Bethany Walsh

This month's theme is Data and Analytics and we are kicking it off with a post from Bethany Walsh, Director of Marketing Programs and Events at Backupify. Bethany discusses how to get started with data tracking when there are an endless amount of options out there. 

Bethany Walsh is the Director of Marketing Programs and Events at Backupify, the leader in enterprise-grade cloud-to-cloud backup, a Cambridge-based startup. She is also the Marketo Admin and tracks all the data things. @babarker 

As modern marketers, we now have options available to track granular details of lead activity, but when is it too much? When does it merely distract instead of help? Learn where to start with data tracking and how to build on it. 

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Make Your User Experience A Brand Experience

Adam Gesuero

Today we are wrapping up our UX and Design theme for the month of March with a post from Adam Gesuero, Creative Director at Image Conscious Studios. Adam writes about looking at web design through the perspective of your brands in order to create a better experience.

Adam is creative director at Image Conscious Studios, an independent creative services studio that is brand-centric and user-focused, dedicated to creating outstanding branded design solutions across all things digital.

If your brand is an implicit promise you make with your customer, than your website or application is often the most tangible, impressionable way that you can deliver on that promise with the majority of your customer base. It’s time to reframe thinking of your user experience as your primary brand experience.

Platform Technology and Development Meet UX (How UX Can Make The Game-Changing Difference)


Rich Pasqua, Vice President of Creative and User Experience at NorthPoint Digital, wrote an insightful guest blog post for our User Experience and Design theme that we are wrapping up next week. Rich discusses the importance of collaboration from technology and design groups and how it can make all the difference in digital product design. 

As Vice President of Creative and User Experience for NorthPoint Digital, Richard Pasqua focuses on simple, elegant experiences that enhance brands while delivering powerful user experiences. He has led design efforts for clients ranging from American Express, HP, SAP, Bloomberg, Four Seasons, McKinsey, and University of the Arts.

Technology and User Experience Design both play huge roles in developing online and offline applications and products; you can’t have one without the other. Further, technology seems to be advancing at the speed of light, and consumers are presented with increasing volumes of data every second. Now is the time to amplify your efforts on both the Technology and User Experience fronts. The challenge is that some people tend to take a user-centric view of digital experiences, while others consider only the technology. Getting the balance right is the tricky part. By looking at what technology is trying to achieve and who it is intended for, we can put in place efficient processes to improve the digital user experience.

We’re All Just Designers With Different Specialties

BI blog

In our latest UX and design post Daniel Beadle, Art Director at Boston Interactive tells us to not be limited by our job description; creativity is important from every angle on web projects. Interested in guest blogging? E-mail taylor [at] mitx [dot] org.

Creativity is an essential part of every web project. It’s something that everyone involved should tap into. From the user experience guru to the back-end developer, from the earliest planning stages to the post-launch fixes, creative thinking is always at play.

When I started out in the agency life, there was a very clear separation between the design and development teams, with an odd sort of rivalry between the two. To the designers, the developers were there to do whatever the design team instructed. No questions asked. To the developers, designers were there to make their lives more complicated than they needed to be. Designs were generated by one team then handed off to the other with a nod and a “good luck.”

Authentic vs. Imagined: Putting The Real User In User-Centered Design

Jim Dalglish

Our next UX and Design themed blog for the month is brought to you by Jim Dalglish, Practice Lead for Digital Strategy & User Research Design at OHO Interactive. Jim takes a look at the importance of investing in research and utilizing real users for better UX design. 

Jim Dalglish is Practice Lead for Digital Strategy & User Research Design at OHO Interactive. Jim has extensive experience with the heuristic evaluation and usability testing of digital interfaces. When he's not leading focus groups, conducting interviews, or creating information architecture for websites, you'll find him producing his award-winning plays in New York, Boston, London and across the United States. Follow @ohointeractive to keep up with Jim's work in user research and digital strategy.

User-centered design has been enjoying some much-deserved attention in the public consciousness of late. Though studies have been around for years showing that a $1 investment in user-centered design can yield a return of between $2 and $100, it seems they have only recently caught the attention of marketing and IT managers who control software development purse strings.

Let’s Start Designing Experiences Holistically

describe the image

To close out this week we have an insightful blog post by Matthew Crist, Principal at Cantina. Matt looks into the need to integrate the real world concerns into the process of product design. Interested in guest blogging? E-mail Taylor [at] mitx [dot] org.

Matthew Crist (@matthewcrist) is a Principal at Cantina with a passion for crafting great experiences through an iterative creative process. In his career, Matthew has worked with companies like Macy's, McLaren, Rue La La, Fidelity and MTV. Recently, he has focused on working with startups to think about, and implement useful experiences on a budget.

The profession of user experience is often defined in a digital way. With the rise of mobile devices and fast cellular data speeds, it's time to expand the role of the traditional user experience professional.

We Moved!


We are very excited to tell everyone about our fantastic new home. The MITX world headquarters is now located in the PayPal Start Tank! MITX board member David Chang and his team at The PayPal Media Network were kind enough to welcome us into their home and we couldn't be more excited. The PayPal Media Network is a MITX Platinum Member and great supporter of our organization and the MITX community.


Mobile UX and the Move Beyond the Phone

Keith LaFerriere

Another excellent post for our March UX and Design theme from Keith LaFerriere, EVP of Experience Design at Verndale. Keith dives into the transition of mobile UX to wearable technologies and more.

Keith LaFerriere is the EVP of Experience Design at Verndale. His career has taken him from creative director to ux thought leader and back again through his experience on brands such as HBO, MasterCard, Carnival Cruise Lines, Jack Daniels, Volvo and many others. He believes that Collaboration is key, and that the only things that should work in a vacuum are dust bunnies.

I haven’t met a lot of people in my small corner of the industry that don’t have a severe attraction to offering their expertise on how something should be designed for a mobile experience. And, to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Collaboration and ideation within cross-functional team environments opens us up to new and exciting opportunities.

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