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Who is MITX, anyway?

The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) — is the community of restless companies and individuals that drive our region's tech and innovation eco-system. MITX is the ultimate resource: inspiring members with progressive thinking, meaningful connections, and provocative conversations.

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Healthcare Innovation in the Age of the Empowered Patient

Dave Wieneke HS

Dave Wieneke is the Digital Strategy Practice Director at Connective DX, a digital experience agency in Boston and Portland, Ore. We help organizations embrace the power of digital, align around the customer, and take control of their digital future. Dave can be reached via email at

How to Take Advantage of Networking Events

DSC6391 Edit

A couple weeks ago was our Talent and Career Development Summit. The event brought together professionals from across industries and fields to talk about leadership, culture, and the workplace. Monica Faberman, an attendee, shares her experience.  

5 TED Talks to Make You Rethink Leadership and Culture at Work

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To prepare for our upcoming Talent and Career Development Summit, MITX Digital & Community Specialist, Justine Andrews, shares the top five TED Talks to spark conversation about leadership and culture in the workplace. 

Meet Desiree Stolar, CMO & Co-Founder, Unshrinkit


At one of our MITX Up events earlier this year, Desiree brought her startup, Unshrinkit, to the table for advice and next steps. Over the next couple months, she took that advice and went all the way to Shark Tank! We contacted her and asked her a few post-Shark-Tank questions. 

How to Use Data and Analytics to Choose Where to Invest Your Marketing Dollars

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This blog post is about how to leverage your data and analytics team. Charlotte Jackson, Senior Manager Strategy and Analytics at Sapient Nitro, talks about how to use data and analytics to choose where to invest your marketing dollars.

How to Create Things People Love: 3 Important Things

Ed Boudrot

Join us on December first for our MITX Design Summit: Design, Technology, and the Consumer Experience. Speaker, Ed Boudrot, has written a blog that provides us with a sneak preview of what he'll be talking about on stage at this session "Creating Products that People Love." Register for the Design Summit here

Boston’s Dearth of Design Talent


Join us on December first for our MITX Design Summit: Design, Technology, and the Consumer Experience. To set the tone, Brett Bishop of Capital One wrote a blog on Boston's reputation when it comes to design and creativity. Register for the Design Summit here

Innovation Identity: Making Design Thinking Work in the Organization You Have Today

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Join us on December first for our MITX Design Summit: Design, Technology, and the Consumer Experience. To spark conversation, Daniel Ostrower, member of the Design Summit advisory board, wrote a blog on innovation and design thinking. Register for the Design Summit here

Three #FollowFridays from FutureM


FutureM is over, but that doesn't mean the learning needs to end. Angelina Gennis, marketing strategist at SapientNitro, wraps up FutureM by sharing three speakers to follow on Twitter to keep the innovation going. 

The Three Most Important Takeaways of FutureM 2015

icullinan headshot

Last week was MITX's largest event, FutureM. Throughout three days of sessions and keynotes, there were valueable lessons that apply not just to marketing, but any area of business. This is a wrap up of FutureM takeaways written by Iris Cullinan, Associate Manager, at AMP. 

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